Griefing WSG As a Premade Mostly Streamers

You think the portal was placed there to force exit people via mc? No? Then it’s an exploit by definition.

So my DI isn’t there to use it to force a suicide, i do it anyway

Is that an exploit too? lol

You’ve just made any creative activity with ur spells in the game an exploit

Gy camping for extended time IS griefing. Why do think blizz made changes to av to prevent this? Why do you think leeches are being suspended for “game disruption”? Your comparisons are terrible by the way and show that you still either can’t read or can’t comprehend the op.

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Lol. It only happened once to me thankfully, but I don’t see the point from the winning teams perspective. Why don’t they just cap the third flag and get back in the queue? Why stand there and drop the flag repeatedly when the opposing team has conceded the match by staying a ghost? To grief, IMO.

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It’s not an exploit but if there were a way to use it to grief people over and over you could potentially get suspended. How is this hard to understand lol.

If you are getting graveyard camped…and consider if griefing…I think you need to reevaluate the way you play the game.


You can’t grief people over and over it’s x realm, they go bye bye

It’s a one and done thing

Gotta wait til the massive 50+ WSG que matches u up again lol

Nothing and everything is bannable. Blizzard can use any reason they wish or no reason at all to ban someone.


They’re trying to get bad players to /afk out so they can play against good players.

Trust me I’m well aware after being suspended three times for pointing out failures of blizzards business management of these forums lol.

Forcing people into a situation where they must choose between a 15 min deserter debuff or stare at their characters ghost until the other team decides to end the game? Nice

It seems very much in line with the long duration stalling of AV matches we saw from some premades. Blizzard stated this was considered griefing and even took a step to make in game changes to deter people from it.

I would think this falls in a similar category as well.


Finally some one with a brain, thank you!


The FC is also dropping and picking up the flag repeatedly whilst being guarded by his premade. He does this when they start to lose a game. So for 30+ minutes, they camp the roof and the foghorn noise that is made goes of ever 1.5 seconds.
Good premades will come in and stomp them but its usually against a pug when they get down by a few caps.

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That’s obnoxious but seems like something that should be changed via a patch to put a cooldown on the sound effect rather than punish people for it.

In the case of OP they were up two caps it appears.

I’ve seen video clips of it where its when they begin to lose. This case might be different. It’s just purely immature behavior when the streamer doesn’t get his way.

Either way he should get a suspension for griefing. This is the literal definiton of griefing

Player in a multiplayer video game who deliberately irritates and harasses other players within the game, using aspects of the game in unintended ways


He is griefing and should be treated as such


People actually watch people do this? What is wrong with kids, these days?

While I don’t intend on sharing my view of whether this is an exploit or not, neither does Blizzard.

They don’t categorize what is and isn’t an exploit. They will simply say it is ‘unfortunate,’ ‘a workaround,’ ‘unintended,’ or ask people to report when you see it.

These are basically their synonyms for exploit, and how they can cover themselves when they ban you for something, but don’t action a streamer doing the same thing on video =P