Griefing WSG As a Premade Mostly Streamers

Can we get a fix already for when enemy premades go 2 - 0 (them winning), decide to take the flag up to their roof, get their premade to block the entry with traps and flares, spam pick up, and drop the flag over and over 30+ minutes straight? I made clips of these events, because it’s usually entitled streamers thinking they can do whatever they want. Due to the “name and shame” excuse, I can’t post it here, but I did report it as zone disruption and yet I still see the 10 or less viewer count streamer still doing it the next day and the day after and so on.


That sounds hilarious.

If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. In other words, AFK out. Nothing about this is an exploit or directly against ToS.


I know who you are talking about.

Why does he do that?


It’s most likely a combination of failing badly as a guild at wpvp in early phase 2 and streamers rarely getting banned since they think they deserve immunity.


You know you have the power, right? If you and the 9 others afk out… the game immediately ends and so those their fun. You can actually have the last laugh.

It’s likely against the code of conduct though. Meaning it’s bannable.


What rule could this be breaking?

It’s griefing. Disruptive gameplay. Plenty have been suspended for similar things. Just because something isn’t specifically called out in the ToS doesnt mean that using it to grief other players won’t get you a ban. That’s the reason for the code of conduct.


Delaying ending a battleground doesn’t really seem like griefing. It seems like a stretch.

Can you even read? Go reread the OP if you can. A 30 minute stall while taunting in wsg while up 2-0 is definitely griefing.


Afk or just stay as ghost and try to wall jump around for fun until they get bored.

Streamer audience won’t watch someone stand still doing nothing. Probably why the person has 10 viewers.


That’s your opinion. No reason to get upset.

I’m not upset I’m genuinely amazed that you could somehow come to the conclusion that this is acceptable gameplay that doesn’t violate the code of conduct as griefing.


If they’re not satisfied with how the BG is going, they can leave it. I’d liken it to corpse camping on a PVP server.

What i read from this

“we were stomping them bad and then a good flag carrier got the flag and convinced his team to drag out the match that screwed my premades hph. Please fix this to where if we cap 2 it is instant win for us”

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I think the premade is the one that was stalling in this context.

You really need to take a reading comprehension class if that is what you got from that.


He is crying because a team out played them on defending the enemy flag… and in typical alliance fashion - is asking blizzard to “fix” it by claiming its exploiting.

That is all that really matters

That’s irrelevant to whether it is or isn’t against the code of conduct. I’m pretty sure people have actually been suspended for excessive corpse camping before as well. Go look it up.


Are you stupid? He clearly said he was playing against a premade. Not running with one.