Griefing WSG As a Premade Mostly Streamers

Also to note, this was an alliance premade doing it as well. Horde have done it, but I can’t record them doing it ya know. Too much tribalism coming from this lock instead of solving the problem and learning to read.

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He is guaranteed horde whining

I have never had a horde team do this to me

To do that you have to be very confident u gonna hit ur caps…most horde don’t seem to be that

edit - yup lol


I don’t think anyone has ever been suspended on a PVP realm for corpse camping.
Regarding the earlier discussion, you’re missing my point.

Dragging out a WSG match would not be breaking any code of conduct.

You claiming it is griefing is just your opinion.

Let’s approach this from another angle.

If I queue as a pug vs a premade, and see that we’re vs a premade so we only focus on defense/preventing them from capping and never intend on winning the game - is this still griefing?

Now switch the roles. What if I queue as a premade with no intention of ever trying to cap the flag, but only to prevent the enemy from capping?

What if we just decide to gy camp them the whole game?

These have the same outcome as the situation posed earlier, but are just different approaches. I would not choose to do what the premade did in the OP’s example, because it just seems boring.

If this is the case the proper way to say it would have been

“Can we get a fix already for when premades go 0-2 and then turtle”

Stating a premade goes 2-0 means they are winning.

Sorry that i tried to translate a potato trying to cry on the forums.

In Vanilla people did this all the time. It’s great fun watching the other team rage quit because there was no timer on WSG.

Are we asking for this to be changed too? Please no more changes.

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Yes, I wrote on this subject matter right before the meta shifted. MC’ing people out of portals was a thing in vanilla and look what they did to that and in fact that fix is still on the top page on these forums.

To be fair though, one of these is an exploit and the other is not.

It’s not griefing




It was removed that doesn’t make it an exploit

There are screenshots of GM saying it’s fair game everywehre

Mind controlling people to force them to portal exit in a bg isn’t an exploit? I want some of what you’re smoking.

Edit: You really think that’s why the portals were placed there. :open_mouth:

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Streamers need stuff happening for make money. Just don’t res and they it will end it quickly. Or well… /afk still save you time.

Why is it that the overwhelming majority of toxic pvp behavior is coming from the Alliance? I’ve only experienced this one time so far and it was a premade alliance team that had already capped 2 times. They did the same thing, grabbed the third flag and then proceeded to drop it repeatedly for about 5 minutes while the horde team stayed in ghost form. Not sure what the purpose is other than toxic obnoxious behavior that could be considered griefing.


No it’s not

People were constantly reported, nothing was done. Because it’s not

They decided to remove it lol

Point to me where it says exploit. I selected in bold what it actually said though.

If P2 wasn’t considered griefing, P3 certainly shouldn’t be…specifically because it is in an INSTANCED area DESIGNED for pvp.

In video games, an exploit is the use of a bug or glitches, game system, rates, hit boxes, speed or level design etc. by a player to their advantage in a manner not intended by the game’s designers.

Mind controlling people to portal exit them in a battleground is clearly an exploit. Just because people were not punished for it, does not mean it wasn’t an exploit. I don’t know how you could argue that it’s not an exploit purely based on the definition? It’s like you think the portal was placed there to mc people out and force deserter buff on them?


…because blizzard said it wasn’t and instead of banning and removing…They just removed the mechanic.

Because it didn’t require an exploit…

Just simple mechanics lol

Horde do the same thing. Maybe it seems that way to you because you’re playing against the alliance and not playing against the horde. Nothing about what you described is “toxic behavior”. PVP happened in a PVP battleground. If you’re too much of a baby to handle it, then stay out of the WSG.

It’s like i’m talking to a brick wall here. :stuck_out_tongue:

What part of MC and fear working normally sounds like an exploit to u? lol

All of it was as intended