Greymane Alliance Reconnections

In this thread, please post if you played WoW on the Alliance side of Greymane in 2004-2006.

For best results, post what you remember about yourself and your friends you used to play with:

  • Your character’s name, race and class.
  • The name of your original guild on this realm.
  • The character names of other players you’re hoping to reconnect with.

Please stick with in-game info, and do not post IRL identifying information about yourself or others.

To quickly find if the friend or guild you’re looking for is listed here, use the Search function! Just select the magnifier icon on the top right – be sure to check “Search this topic” to limit your results to this thread.

Good luck finding your former mates!


My character was Suprgirl on Greymane. I was a level 60 Nightelf hunter in the following guilds:
Deathbringer Society
Manifest Destiny

I would like to reconnect to anyone who was in any of those guilds or remembers me.


Googled Kamikaze from Greymane the other day. Came across a petition calling Nastynancy and myself a cancer on Greymane. Fun times


LETS GOOOOOO kilthoniel here or destroya

Tinicki - Dwarf Hunter

I was in:
Ghost Regiment

I used to play a gnome mage named Geeoff through the tail end of Vanilla and I had a 70 Dranai paladin named Judicium. If anyone recognizes my name, message me on here or at my reddit at: u/Tesservct_rl/

Played a dwarf pala named Boriginn and gnome warlock named Lyon. Was in a bunch of random leveling guilds and then one called Hogwarts but I think that was in BC.

I played this guy!
In Oz and Tigers!

I don’t play WoW anymore and definitely wouldn’t play Classic even if I did, but if you want to reconnect to chat for some reason, I’m going to take inspiration from the above and recommend hitting me up on Reddit u/0sh1


Human warlock called Saya in council of nine
and also had a human warrior called Leadder

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Ziplok - R13(so close) Gnome Warlock

If you died to an Infernal in Menethil Harbor or Auberdine it was almost certainly mine. Sorry. Teenage me really liked infernals. like… REALLY liked.

Tigers (Tig? Under? where you at?)
Seraph (flashbacks of Jadianas screaming still haunt me to this day)
Core (My raiding home. The first, and last time I ever enjoyed raiding in WoW)

Also, for any who have forgotten, Jayvo is indeed supreme.


Eracon here! NE Rogue. I also played Aietius, a gnome Warrior.

Ran the guild Pretentious from TBC to Wrath, but also played in a bunch of other guilds.

I recognize a few names here! Anyone gonna be playing Classic later this month? I’ve put together a server for old Greymane peeps and newer friends. Gonna be going Hordeside.

Best place to hit me up would be DIscord. I’m Chisaku#2182

Hey guys!

I played Hammerthor (Dwarf Warrior) on Greymane from 2005 through Wrath. Transferred to Sen’jin later, and have been there ever since.

I GM’d a guild called “The Elites of Azeroth” for awhile, and then joined and raided with “Old School” during much of my time playing Vanilla and BC.

I don’t play much anymore (mostly a few story/rep quests when new content drops) but I’d love to see some familiar faces pop up here!

Healhealheal - Dwarf Paladin - Seraph

YES. Of course of the like 10 posts in this thread someone from Seraph drops a line. Jadiana was permanently triggered. So many hilarious memories.

Now we just need to get Bumble and Vularic up in here.

Edit: Does anyone else remember the horror that was Beyondskill?

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Loverbird - holy priest - Seraph

I raided in BC with Seraph, and Ill never forget Jadiana’s rage. Good times.

Barlany - human rogue OR FLAURAS- night elf warrior!!!

@Eracon, I remember you…do you still q arena’s ive seen you on the ladder lol.

I was Chaoz - Human Warlock. I think I might’ve raided in Clutch for a while. I also think I was in a guild called Core. I don’t remember. Anyone remember me?

I remember you lol. I was Chaoz - Human Warlock, me and RL friends we’re in you’re guild, but I cant remember their old char names lol.

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Wait I Remember some. Fyist - Human Warrior. Tupacalypse - NE Hunter. Bigstank - Human Priest. Anyone remember them lol

Bettathanu - Dwarf Paladin

Chrome #1


WHATS UP SUPR!!! Stravok and I, plus a couple others will be on the alliance! I will still be Cosran the warlock :slight_smile:

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