Great Vault not the right loot

Same problem on my main (not this toon). My vault should be two 226’s and one 210. Received one 226, one 210 and one 216!?

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mine were in a weird order but the ilvls were all correct.


Good to seee my 220 drop to a 207

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Same here. Should have had 226, 226, 213 and they filled my great vault with 200, 210, and 226. Can a blue post please clarify what is happening and will it be corrected?

Confirmed – we do indeed have a bug that we’ve not been able to immediately squash.

Fixing it is a top priority for us, and at this time, it’s advisable to not loot the Great Vault until it’s been fixed and is offering the correct items.

We’ll keep you posted here and on our Warcraftdevs Twitter feed.


Does this mean if we opened the vault but not selected the items it will be fixed?

What happens if we opened but didn’t pick anything?

you should be fine, that is why they said don’t pick anything

What if we took items, not realizing? Are we just gonna be SOL? or will the vault be reset for all?


that I don’t know you can open a ticket and see.

took an item without realizing what ilvl it was?

Oops! I took a 210 thing but it should have been 220 (I think). Can I put it back and get a different thing? I play so many alts that I forgot who did what level.


Taking an item without realizing that the item level should have been higher due to a bug my dude.

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oh okay. i always mouse over the items before i make a decision but i can see how it would be bad if you don’t!

I knew getting a 226 weapon was too good to be true, even if I did complete a 16 last week :frowning:

For me, I am a sad non-gnome. I have depression as I cannot be a gnome so I do very little in the world. I usually run one mythic dungeon, and since I do not have the gnome courage to go to the Maw, I have no use for Stygia. In my despair, I clicked the sole item that popped up and accepted it.

Please allow Gnome DH!

Please return to your own forums, too!


It might be re-introduction of a bug seen on the Shadowlands beta. I and another friend playing on the beta experienced bugs with our 1 dungeon, 4 dungeons, and/or 10 dungeons rewards from the vault being wrong (depending on the week and how many we did).

On 11/19/2020 I experienced a vault bug again (as did my friend), so I reached out to Russ Peterson on Twitter as a last-ditch effort to make the issue known before the expansion launch:

(the discord pic from the last part of that message chain still works, but the VoD and forum post are gone)

I never saw the issue after launch, so I assume the issue I reported was fixed. In-case this is re-introduction of that bug, I figured I’d mention it.

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How will this be fixed for the players that already made their selection? Or will it be reset or something?