Got silenced for no reason

nvm. second language. sry!

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Its automated from experience maybe 1 in 5 appeals is actually read by a human. The rest of the time you just get a generic response even if you arent in the wrong. Their customer service isnt some of the worst around… it is the worst around!

This isn’t true in the slightest. GM’s have macros and templates they use to help speed up the response time. Squelching is automatic after a number of reports, but a silence is applied by a GM after they look over the evidence.

OP best advice I can give is to appeal, then in the future wait like 2-3 mins before spamming your trade chat again.

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How often were you clicking your macro?

Blizzard reviews nothing. The silence system is completely automated.

If you challenge the automatic silence, you may have a real person look at it.

Absolutely no longer the case.

When you get the required number of reports, you get logged out of the game and you recieve an email at that exact moment. The reason given is “Your fellow players reported you for X”.

It does not say the evidence was reviewed by a person. It does not say it is temporary and may be converted later.

You do not relog and get the message telling your chat is temporarily suspended pending review.

That system of squelches>manual review>silence/unsilence is now totally gone in favour of the current automated one.

They have been laying off hundreds of non-dev roles over the past couple years. Put two and two together.

That’s what a squelch is. Yes it does get reviewed by a GM.



The squelch system used to log you out and then you’d get a message ingame along the lines of “your communication priviledges are temporarily suspended pending manual review”.

This no longer exists. The moment you pass the required report threshold you are kicked from the game and recieve an email detailing that you are silenced due to the number of reports from other players. When you try to chat, you get the full message about being silenced, not squelched.

You are working on outdated information. Now I’ve corrected you, you can stop spreading false and misleading claims about how the silence system works.

Agree to disagree my dude.

What I don’t like is that, as on this board, your ability to be silenced is only governed by other users labeling what you are doing as “spam” or “trolling.”

As in, if enough people report you for it then you receive silencing; It matters not if it is really legit, or not. If just enough people report you for it, because they can, then it can happen to you.

THEN you can try to appeal, to Blizzard, but in my experience they say something like “Based upon the past, it stands.” Oh, so “Based upon the past”, as in they are ADMITTING that nothing about this one really should have made me silenced on the message board?

What I think SHOULD happen is this:

Blizzard looks at it, sees that there was really nothing to suspend/silence you for, then they instead suspend/silence the overzealous people who reported you; Currently, nothing seems to happen to people who do it (that I’ve ever heard of, anyway.) It would make people think twice, about reporting you for just not agreeing with you or because you were using trade chat for … .“Trade Chat?”

I see that quite a bit! Someone posts a unpopular topic and within 10 mins it’s flagged as trolling and hidden.

Some get overturned and I’ve witnessed them revert the post to normal. But gets 404’d because people are fighting with each other lol!

I just don’t think the forums are a priority for blizzard, it’s like a place for people to scream and yell just to let it out.

There is always more to the story. “How often did you use the macro? Every minute? Every 5 minutes?” “What else have you said in trade?” GM’s have full transcripts of your communications so nothing can be hidden.

No, there is absolutely always more to the story than what is given up front in threads like these.

Also, from the sounds of it since TC states further on…

It sounds like they were squelched not silenced, which can happen to innocent people from time to time :confused: So, it is entirely possible that TC just had some bad luck with some crummy people.


Again, the only automated system is a squealch. This was added to the game a very long time ago, to combat things like gold seller spam.

The “silence” penalty system is newer, and an employee reviews the account and places a penalty which doubles for each successive infraction.

People confuse things by referring to both as “silences”. This is a great example of why language is important. Some people even call these “bans”, which is also inaccurate.

I would be happy to read an official confirmation that the entire system is automated if you could kindly provide it. I would be willing to admit that my understanding would be based on outdated information.

However, looking it up last night and again this morning, the only reference to the entire system being automated comes from players insisting it is automated, as you are suggesting it is in this thread.

Got my ticket answered;
“After investigation, you are correct that you did not say anything outside of your usual macros for your services.”

Like i said, i did not hit her, i did not. Oh hi mark.

“However, I can confirm that you have been sending your adverstisements too frequently in various channels. Although we allow advertisements in the trading channel, you can still be considered disruptive by the community with too many advertisements in chat.”

“After review, we have the confirmed the penalty, and we will not be looking into it further. Any other contact regarding this penalty will not get a reply. I understand that the ability to chat is important for your activities in game, but please use your communcation responsibly. As of this message, you have 7 hours left on your silence”.

So i got denunced for “abussive languange”. And got silenced FOR abusive language.
Yet i didnt offend anyone, instead the silence was for spamming, wich i agree, but the system silenced me for another reason.

So as you can see, this is very automatic and can be abused in many ways lol

What a rollercoaster of a response. I was like “oh cool you’re innocent!” “Oh there’s a but”. :joy:. Is this your first offense?

If. You are spamming? Yes.

You need to be careful with frequency of posts

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My first silence in almost 11 years of playing WoW lol

Then silence me for spamming or give me a warning.
Not for “abusive language” lol just because a group of people wanted to silence me.
(A guild that is having a war against me cuz the AH)

That’s a bit harsh imo. I think a warning and advice would be better then slapping you with a silence. Especially if your account has been in good standing.

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Oh wow. I didn’t get abusive language from your OP. My bad

All I can is appeal until they say they will no longer hear it. All. You can do.

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You spammed, you got a temporary silence. So they got the reason wrong… I don’t see any injustice here.