Got silenced for no reason

Honestly I report anyone for spamming if I see their macro at least 3 times in a 5minute window. That’s annoying af


Guys, if op was reported for spamming trade chat, the email would have noted “spamming”, not “abusive chat”.

welcome to the abuse of an automated system.


Why would you report people selling their items ? I have made tons of gold by selling in the trade more tha the AH.
Also got very good deals for this.

Now if we spammed on /s or /yell now i’m with you that deserve a report.

Havent played much with my other characrters in a while my man, i only enter to do my AH stuff and snipe.
Yestarday i had a discussion by internal with an user, he called me a coward because i said that in full US realms, chinese bots spam all day and thats very annoying.
Then, he followed to whisper me this; (its on spanish)

In the middle i said with that right he called me a coward, like what is wrong with him- And thats it.
Beside that, i only care of customers wanting to buy or trade.


Well assuming that they reported him for spamming and not abusive chat.

Though my money is more on him speaking Portuguese (or Spanish, I can’t remember if Ragnaros is ES or PT) in a LFG/R system and getting reported for that.

Or he could be a jerk. We don’t have the logs, so we don’t know.

Either way:


As you can see my English is very fluid, i never speak spanish on my groups if i dont need it.
Ragnaros is a Latin Server, from Mexico to Argentina, but no Brazil, because they have their own server :slight_smile:

I mean yeah, people dont know me and u cant know if i’m laying, totally agree 100%.
But belive me when i say that i only care of my AH character right now and i only post and trade.

I feel is more about people reported me, and the automatic system silenced me one day.

I wouldnt be mad IF i couldnt answer my costumers, that i type, they are sendiming me PMs ingame…

I was closing a deal with a guy, the server disconected me, when i got in again, bam, silenced couldnt answer nor /w this guy again.

Your English is great, not disputing that. But there’s a lot of people who get mad when people speak anything but English in-game.

Either way I’d bet money on this silence being the result of you annoying someone (or someones) for whatever reason, and they’re just dogpiling your account with reports to get you automatically silenced.

It’s become a pretty frequent occurrence once people figured out the threshold for silencing someone based on mass reports is pretty low.

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Good job on making stuff up. There seems to be a trend with this kind of thing.


Agreed that we can’t know because we don’t have the logs. But usually when these threads pop up, the issue is that the player was rightfully actioned and they aren’t being forthright with what they might have typed to people.

I feel like we would see a lot of forum complaints from people using trade chat macros and getting silenced incorrectly if that was actually a thing that was happening.

The fact that we just don’t see those complaints here leads me to believe that silence penalties due to false reporting of trade chat barking just isn’t a thing that is happening


One of the biggest flaws of the silence system is that it does not tell you what you received the punishment for. It’s impossible to rectify behavior if you don’t know what you did wrong. It shouldn’t be difficult to email the person the exact quote that was reported.


Indeed you can. People probably got annoyed of it was being posted too often. Because people are weird. I’m of the opinion that if they don’t want to see trade in trade chat, then don’t have trade chat on.

There is a “guild” in a my realm, that tries to monopolize the AH and i have been in a undercutting war with them for a while… maybe all of them reported me ? Bah idunno…

Anyways, i summited a ticket thanks to the lovely goblin
that gave the idea of the ticket number.

Thanks for the advices and the support, will see in a couple hours if they reponse or not…
If no, oh whelp the silence is until tomorrow, i’ll spamm my items lesser, once every 5-10 minutes i guess.

Ultimately for the best.



Once I see it about half a dozen times in a couple minutes I do start reporting.
I dont know if it causes a silence or not…but it can be annoying when 18 players are all spamming trade chat over and over.

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The sad thing about my realm is that people use Trade Channel to talk about politics.
Ragnaros has not 1 nor 2 but 7+ countries with different goverments.
They talk all day about that.
So my macro came in the middle of their conversations.

That and what i said about the guild that is in a undercutting war with me-
And for me, thats abuse of a system, but w/e honestly.

I mean it depends what they did.

If they actually got an account ban, then yeah, I’d put money on them breaking the rules.

But it’s so easy to get people chat silenced these days with just a small group of dedicated players reporting you that the chance of a chat silence being actually justified isn’t nearly as high.

Asmongold got him silenced testing this theory way back when it got first introduced by saying “I love WoW” in trade chat and getting people to report him.

Abusive Chat seems to have a wayyyy lower threshold for spamming, so that’s what most squelch penalties get tagged at.

If you’re competing with them over a specific niche, it wouldn’t surprise me at all. People can be ruthless over the WoW market.

I am, i started multiboxing to get long boi, using my gold to buy more accounts, so i flood the AH with my stuff and cuz i have almost all professions with Old World recipes i sale in trade.

Constantly i undercutt them because i work on my PC, so i can be on the AH in one monitor and working on the other…

But i never imagined that they could abuse that system lul

I don’t know the circumstances about this, but it sounds like he may have been squealched due to a number of reports occurring in quick succession. This wouldn’t apply to the stacking silence penalty pyramid, unless it was reviewed and determined to be a valid report, which in this case it would not be.

If he was actually actioned for this, i would think it would be for abusing the report system, for organizing people to falsely report him.

Have you tried the customer service forums?

Customer Support forums. They’ll just tell the OP to submit a ticket to appeal.

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