Got a question

No I’m not, Welcome to the CS forums a Player to Player supported help forum.

Perhaps…answer the question, why are you trying to submit a ticket?

And we told you where you needed the let the appropriate people know. You can’t possible be this slow to understand?

No im not a 120 degree angle. Im a person who has trust issues with other players who can’t submit tickets due to a button gone missing. I prefer gm contact and cant really do that either due to the same reason of a button being missing. So I posted it here.


Your not gaurenteed a blue response here and GMs dont frequent the forums theres no blues here at this time of nite just us regular players that rarely stear people wrong were not here to misdirect.


Youre not a blue though.

So what?

Doesn’t change the answer.

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Your not gona get a blue response so stop ignoring us and let us help you.

Im not ignoring you, I just dont trust players cause a few times before I’ve been lied to and scammed by other players. I just dont trust them due to that. I prefer the gms and blues cause to me they don’t do that and they know how to fix everything and they’re official.

Well, good luck in your quest…you are on the wrong road though.


Well you can lead a horse to water but its no use beating a dead horse if they dont want help good nite and good luck.


Just ao you know I get along better with gms and blues than with other players for various reasons much of which are social reasons. Now I’m going to wait for an official blue poster to reply.

Last word of advice, if you don’t want player input, don’t post on a public forum.

I posted my issue here cause I was expecting a blue poster to reply to it and not another player and cause the submit ticket button is missing. There is a reason why I prefer contacting a gm rather than posting it on a forum.

Well your in for a long wait it will either be sometime tommorow or monday.

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Please dont respond to my forum post again, I dont trust you and you’re not an official blue poster.

We can comment on any post we want as long as we follow the rules. We don’t need your permission.


Welcome to a player to player, Blizzard moderated, assistance forum.

Here we offer assistance with ingame , policies, and account issues. Either answering the question or directing the poster(s) to the proper venues to address their concerns.

Blues here ARE NOT Gm’s , nor are they developers or liaisons to them. This forum is not a bypass of the ingame or site ticketing system. Blue responses are not guaranteed.


Theres no point nothing we say will matter wed have to be a blue before they actualy care.

“It doesn’t need to be Blue, to be true”

A Blue said that


Hope you brought snacks, you’re going to be waiting quite a while.