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I know I’m not allowed to submit tickets but I’m I allowed to post on the CS support forum? Also the continue( submit ticket) button is missing on the web ticket contact support page for chat or interface problem. Not sure if its a bug or not.

Who told you that?

Yup, you don’t need a sub or game time to post here.

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Why are u not allowed to submit a ticket.

I can see it just fine. Live chat and Callback are greyed out becasue it past business hours at Blizzard. Sounds like you are missing a required field to use the “continue” button.

If you scroll down on the interaction with a game master policy until you see “submitting multiple tickets” that’s why. I think they put that rule there cause of me.

Im not sure about posting in the CS forum though.

Have the GMs told you to stop flooding them with ticket?

Depends on the issue. As I said earlier, you don’t need a sub to post here.

I’m thinking you are leaving out important information…

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I checked on the web ticket page and there is not even a button there, not even a dulled out one. It could be something with my account or the website is bugged. I can’t tell.

If you think the site is bugged, make a post here so the web team can look at it.

Well its certainly possible u pushed blizzard to the point where they finaly had enough and erased your ticket options its rare but it happens when a player keeps opening a ticket about the same issue and the answer will always be no its considered GM harrassment.

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I wasnt making the same tickets, I was making different ones. I still dont get why the button is gone even know I see it when its on a webticket about quest issues and not chat and interface problem. Its a weird bug

use the link I provided in my previous post…

Well as to the quest issue GMS generaly are hands off it can be considered a game hint depending on the question a interface problem is usualy solved by a full UI reset and bugs are reported in the bug forum.

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I did post it in the bug forum and I posted it here cause I’m not sure which one to post my issue about “cs submit ticket button missing” in.

Well web site bug report forum would probably be the correct forum.

The web team generally doesn’t come to the CS forums for reports.

Kind of too late. Once a forum is posted it’s posted there is no going back. I think telling cs support about this issue of a missing button on this forum is good too.

Well this is player to player support forum with blue moderation that can forward issues to the QA team but posting in the bug site report forum would be far more fast and efficient.

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Are blues and game masters the same thing or are they different? Still dont get why or how or what happened to the submit ticket button. Its gone

The blues arent GM they can sometimes step in and help but not in every ocasion.

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Have you tried using a different browser?

Have you tried logging out of the website and submitting a ticket while not logged in?

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