Got a question

Theres a report forum? I did post it in the bug forum, not sure which bug forum I’ve posted it in. I did post it here too cause like I said before I posted it in both places cause I wasnt sure where my issue was supposed to go.

We told you where to post your issue…the Web Site Bug Reports forum. If you have images or links, update the thread there.

I did post it there. The button is still missing

and? There is no magic button to fix issues. Since you already claimed you tried clearing your browser cache and different browsers, there is nothing else we can do here. You’ll have to wait for the webdev team to look at it.

I need a blue poster. The button issue will possibly remained unsolved. Talking about the missing submit ticket button not some other website button. When I notice something i snot right I will make two forums about it just in case.

They are not gonna be able to fix it.

You might wanna give this a read…

Additionally: While our Support Forum Agents try to reply to threads as they are able to, a response is not guaranteed.

It’s Saturday night in California, and the forums are NOT staffed 24/7. If you do get a response, it will be probable Monday, and likely the’ll say the same thing.

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Gms are super good at solving issues and good at helping to fix them. Thats another story too. I dont want to get too offtopic of my original post.

There are no GMs on these forums. Just SFAs, and yes, there is a difference.

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what is your game issue mite not even be something a GM can help you with.

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You’re not a gm or a blue. I just wanted to let customer support know there is a missing submit ticket button on the webticket chat or interface problem on the website.

Theres alot of posters here that have been here longer then the blues are information is just as valid as a blue.

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No I’m not, Welcome to the CS forums a Player to Player supported help forum.

Perhaps…answer the question, why are you trying to submit a ticket?

And we told you where you needed the let the appropriate people know. You can’t possible be this slow to understand?

No im not a 120 degree angle. Im a person who has trust issues with other players who can’t submit tickets due to a button gone missing. I prefer gm contact and cant really do that either due to the same reason of a button being missing. So I posted it here.


Your not gaurenteed a blue response here and GMs dont frequent the forums theres no blues here at this time of nite just us regular players that rarely stear people wrong were not here to misdirect.


Youre not a blue though.

So what?

Doesn’t change the answer.

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Your not gona get a blue response so stop ignoring us and let us help you.

Im not ignoring you, I just dont trust players cause a few times before I’ve been lied to and scammed by other players. I just dont trust them due to that. I prefer the gms and blues cause to me they don’t do that and they know how to fix everything and they’re official.

Well, good luck in your quest…you are on the wrong road though.