Gold limit for character transfer in TBC

From what I remember (and few sources can help to confirm, since, during the pre-patch of TBC the max gold a single character level 60 could carry on a realm transfer was 5.000G (up from 2.000G) and the level 70 character was 10.000G.

If the numbers back from Patch 2.4.3 will be used then it should look like the following:

Level 10-30: 300g
Level 31-50: 1,000g
Level 51-69: 5,000g
Level 70: 10,000g

So, during the pre-patch if transfers are allowed, you can carry 5,000g to another realm with you in case you are willing to transfer.


edit: values adjusted to reflect the real numbers back then.

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Not sure where your sources are? There has never been a gold cap between expansions. The hard gold cap in Vanilla was 214,748 gold 36 silver 47 copper because that was the maximum 32 bit value that could be handled by the game client… so that is the theoretical maximum per character that could come with you to TBC.

He’s saying the max gold to transfer between servers in bc was higher not that you can’t take your gold with you once we transition

Ah makes much more sense

I’d love to get some confirmation from blizzard on this. I am looking to transfer servers for BC but 2k per transfer is a bit low.

Hopefully we will have this announcement closer to the pre-patch, since the cap for level 51-60 will be increased.

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