Gold just vanished


I purchased 6 green level items from the AH. All of the items were around 190g each. After the last item was purchased I noticed my gold had dropped by 200k. I even checked the prices in the mailbox of each item and I did not make a mistake and purchase something crazy priced. Any ideas?

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It could be a few different things. First, log out and back in again with your addons disabled. See if the gold shows again.

Secondly, it’s possible that you had a lot less gold than you thought. We’ve seen it happen here before where a poster forgot they made a large purchase the night before or a within the past few days.

It could also be that one of the items you purchased was a lot more expensive. I know you said you checked, but maybe take another look.

If all the above doesn’t help, a Full UI Reset might be needed to make sure you don’t have a corrupt UI or addons.

How to reset your UI

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Could also be a display or UI error. Try a full UI reset.


It didn’t work. I might add that this happened right after the game completely locked up. I actually had to restart my computer. Then when I logged back on it took to a screen I have never seen before and when I logged on most of my addons were jacked up.

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Can you detail this?

So the timeline is:

  1. Game locked up and you determined the add-ons were broken.
  2. You purchased items from the AH.
  3. You discovered you were missing 200k?

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Well, what I can tell you is that in the many years that I’ve been posting here, I’ve never seen a confirmed case of gold “disappearing”. There’s always been reason and unfortunately, it’s almost always that someone purchased something expensive and forgot.

If the Full UI reset didn’t work, then you can either wait and see if a Blue has a moment to check the logs, or you can submit a ticket here.


I have never purchased an item for 200k gold and as I said, I checked the items costs in mail before I put the items in my bags. I looked at my gold before I made the purchase and I had 685k. But hey, maybe I have gone completely insane. lol And thanks for the responses. I appreciate it.

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If you decide to wait, you’ll want to come back Saturday afternoon and bump this thread. The SFAs are not in the office for the rest of the week.

It’ll be faster to submit the ticket like Perl suggested, Rielind.


Thank you. Yes, I submitted the ticket before I came here actually. I hope they can get to it fairly soon but I know they are busy busy.

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I had totally missed that post somehow!! Thanks!!



GM said it was likely an addon issue. Showing an item for 194 gold when it was actually 194k gold. AAAAAND that just makes me super upset. The game freaks out, locks my entire computer up, addons suddenly appear out of date, and then this happens. Oh and BTW, I’m pretty sure it was the Twitch app that’s is totally screw up, making me unable to update my addons even though they were showing in game as updated. And of course the GM wouldn’t give my gold back. Twelve years of play time still cant get you 192k gold…/facepalm.

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No, unfortunately a GM can’t take your gold back from another player who got it from that sale. It wouldn’t exactly be right to take it from them when they didn’t do anything wrong either.

Not to mention that while Blizz allows addons, they don’t support them. Meaning that if one of your addons (or even your addon auto-updater) breaks/misbehaves/etc., Blizz isn’t responsible for that.

Sorry to hear about your gold :frowning:


And not a single item showed in my mailbox as me paying 194,000 gold for it.

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Unfortunately, it’s sorta like when someone posts an item for 200gold but they meant to sell it for 200k gold. But by the time they noticed, the item was already picked up by another player. The GMs are just not allowed to get involved as a matter of policy. I know it sucks and if I were in your position I’d be upset about the loss too.

Addons can be great and they can also wreak some havoc too.

My advice would be to play the AH to your advantage and hope for the best! Maybe you can sell a green or two for a few hundred thousand and make up for that loss :wink:


Thanks for all the help, guys. And the kind words. What’s funny is I bought a big ticket item back in MoP that someone had posted for waaaaay under what it was worth. I can’t remember what it was but is was worth several hundred thousand gold. A trinket maybe? Anyway, I bought it and messaged the guy. I was going to give it back to him but he refused because he said it was his mistake. I have come full circle. lol

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I’m sorry to hear that, Rielind.

For what it’s worth? Thank you for being awesome about it. We get plenty of people in here upset, which is understandable, but many of them have trouble moving on.



Well, in all honesty it was my fault. I have sent numerous emails to Twitch about the addon and my inability to update my addons. This has been going on for several weeks but I never received a response. They worked fine in game so I just rolled with it. It cost me in the end. I’m pretty upset. I’m a nursing student and game play time is precious and extremely limited. It will take me months to make that gold again. I might not ever make it up. I just really didn’t feel the need to be a jerk about it. I read these forums daily and players can be very caustic at times. Lesson learned my friend…lesson learned.

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Which addons are you having issue updating?

Have you tried manually updating your addons versus waiting on the Twitch app to do it?


Well, since you got the answer already, I’m not going to dig, but the situation you described is exactly what I’d have expected to find.

Addons can do some crazy stuff when they go sideways. Show the wrong gold on your character, wrong pricing, wrong listing prices, etc. All that is cosmetic mind you, the real pricing and gold is what the servers deal with, it would just be the display.

Why I advocate proper reset UIs so often, and making sure your addons are kept up to date - especially after expansions and patches.

I am sorry you ran into this, but happy you’ve already received your answer.