Go check out the LFG tool on PTR!

Well, yes and no. Going by subscriptions numbers Blizzard listed around halfway through Wrath it had a slight bump upwards and maintained it until a month of so into Catafail.

I won’t give RDF full credit for that bump though.


how can you be this dumb lol

Glad people are starting to realize this.

I guess it’s amusing to them to cause the low-intelligence section of the population to self destruct by supporting a change that not only doesn’t do what it claims to do (increase socialization), but enables them to get gatekept even harder.

Aside from pure troll malice, I think a good proportion of the anti-RDF poster base feels genuine animosity towards wrath’s popularity and the fact that its time has come, and would like to see it fail out of pure spite hence they undermine it any way they can. I know Zealous for one literally said as much.


I actually don’t mind this and I am someone who wants RDF.

One of the things I always hated was dealing with the toxic side of LFG chat when trying to find a group or join one. It isn’t fun having to watch people argue about politics because finding that last group member is taking a long time. Nor does it help that they take up chat space for the people actually trying to use the chat for well finding and making groups. I even had a few times where people fighting like this told me when I was trying to make a group to get out of LFG chat. I was “disrupting” them and the chat was to talk, not to look for a group right now.

I have tested the tool on the beta and I can see who is looking for a group at a glance without dealing with LFG chat. I view that as a plus. If they feel the need to get around the system and go nuts let them. I won’t be looking at it anymore. I am free and no longer shackled to watching people fight and bicker when I decide to join/form a group.

Someone needs to make a “I survived LFG chat shirt” like the old “I survived Barrens chat” shirt.


Probably because talking in the chat is more effective than this crap system

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Yeah the current lfg system is really bad .

I made a couple posts in the beta forums about it 3-4 weeks ago .

Blizz has such a better system already available from retail, the premade groups finder. Imo its a good compromise between rdf and the current lfg finder .

Was hoping for premade group finder ph1 and then rdf at phase2.


Oh noes!
I’m pretty sure original rdf also didn’t look into spec, though i believe maybe it prevented warriors from claiming to be healers and priests from claiming to be tanks, but if you add a priest to your group thinking they’re a tank you probably shouldn’t be the one putting together the group.

It’s just more garbage to filter through, and the LFG system doesn’t even check if their class can do a role.


well the dungeon finder that most people seem to want launched with patch 3.3.0 the same patch that ICC launched, which was closer to the end of wrath

It wasn’t in for 390 days - it WAS in for 364 days, for a grand total difference of 26 days. It was a 51%/49% split. Hardly ‘the end of Wrath’.


the ingredient team brian is missing is that retail lfg works…because of LFD(RDF).

we the normal/heroic scrubs of the world…are not cluttering up LFG. we got our playground. LFD ville. 1000’s of levelers and callings runners…and LFG sees none of us. leaves it all nice and clean for the rated pvp, mythic D and raiders.

where this is going to bite them in the butt. I not even running a dungeon will have to make a junk lfg post…to see channel 4 for a 10 second group to run a 3 man kill quest.

and oh yes…my ad will be there all…night…long… may need help again. or I see someone need help and I go what the hell…lets help em if done already.

Same as it will be for 400+ other levelers at the same time. not one of us will want a dungeon.

So the quick fix, here and now…is desync channel 4 needing LFG signed into

Even mild pop servers will have a lfg that is crap.

Even modest pop bloodsail at a pop of 1147…is going to have an LFG UI window with 800 people placing ad just to see/talk in channel 4 many hours a day first weeks.

as even nancy the noob needs to put up an ad to see channel 4 to get help to kill hogger on her level 12 char.

As its not likely her hogger group request will be seen in the LFG UI. its going to buried by 400 DKS LFG’ing for slave pens. and 300 people in 70 to 80 land.


Yes the warlock healer.

Perfectly acceptable.

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i guess you got me i didn’t realize blizzard dragged out wrath for almost a full year after the last major content patch.

aww c’mon…this is what makes holiday event “dungeons” so fun in retail.

then tank is dps, the healer is a tank or dps (prot pally checked off everything and came in not holy spec)…it gets interesting.

for non retailers holiday events don’t use standard LFD format. its a funky special one. it won’t auto switch specs.

normal lfd switches specs no user intervention. when I leveled dk open world was blood, ran dungeon as Frost. LFD flipped my spec for me.

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That’s why molten armor does damage to melee attackers so mage has extra tank threat…idiot!

That’s cool man.

Has no place in this tool. It’s just going to fire up the pro rdf side like this post did

rdf rdf rdf



but it’s not a bug, it was literally designed that way on purpose

Roles: We’re introducing roles into the UI in Wrath Classic. Partial groups can broadcast which slots they have open, and individuals can specify whether they’re willing to tank, heal, deal damage, or do multiple of the above. Roles are intended to expedite communication – not stifle gameplay creativity – so for the moment we’re keeping all roles open to all classes.
[Classic] Looking for Dungeon - #3 by Keltoras

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Personally i view the ability to queue as any rolle while on a pure dps as a way to farm/quest/dailies on my dps and then when i do get invited switch to my tank or healer after telling the group the name of my tank and logging over.

At least thats how i view it.


Saying the end of wrath is a bit disingenuous given the actual timing.