Go check out the LFG tool on PTR!

I mean people who don’t want any positive changes at all mostly aimed to anti-lfd.
I rather them add LFD like it was intended because these hoop jumping bs is tiresome.

That’s not what this thread is about. We’re talking about the tool and ways it could be improved. Can’t you talk about LFD in one of the hundreds of other threads talking about it?

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You can improve it, by adding a system that is known to work which was in this Wrath expansion. :woman_shrugging:
Honestly, the TBC tool is better than what you got in the PTR but no one is happy with that either. LFD please.

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well you see…it works.

why in retail one magicl bfa patch sw and org were saved. Look at all those population numbers. more than 10 people are in SW/Org.

umm, yeah. a bfa patch overnight wiped out most portals besides the one in capital portals rooms.

you had to go to them to portal to where you wanted to go.

and thus this idea was a success. everyone loves the new portal room. so many use it. which tbh…was a nice job by the graphics team. Stellar work.

but…the only reason I use in the capitatl portal room in retail is they gutted the crap out the dalaran and other portal networks.

I’m not anit-LFD, but they are on this crusade for better or worse. I just want a usable tool so people can actually form groups in a timely manner.

They could do Retails version that has been suggested and that’s been met with “Go to retail” can’t win here lol.

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If those people actually try to use the one on the PTR, they legit would be asking for the retail one lol.


I gave some of the problems with the retail version in this thread, I think there’s room for something between what we have now in TBC and the retail version of the tool that would be an improvement over both of them.

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we get same thing with AH. I’d kill (in game ofc) for retail AH in classic. Ion did good there. gold star and 5 internet cookies for him there.

They tell you to run add ons. we don’t need that here.

Imagine if…you didn’t need an addon.

I say that as a mod junky and mod author for bgs games. I am actually happy when Todd howard fixes something.

I go yes! I can pull out the 1-3 mods used to fix what he changed.

As a user now my load order is less.

as an mod creator its one less mod I made I have to maintain on patch days.

I can put up a mod description edit like…

this patch no longer needed since game version x.x.x.x. Update to that. this mod is no longer maintained (I will tell you to update game, don’t ask) but I am leaving up in case some one really wants this.

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God, Bloomsday is truly insufferable.

I’d imagine him telling me I’m wrong for liking onions because he only likes peppers.


I think the main reason our AH is so slow (aside from the servers just being way bigger) is because of addons like TSM. People (or bots) sit there all day spam scanning the AH. Just try and list anything for lower than a certain amount and it’s INSTANTLY bought by a bot.

Nothing… Literally just giving us nothing would have been better


So all trolling aside, and if we are not going to get RDF, what can they do to fix and or make this LFG tool on pre patch better??

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With the “boosting” changes, RFD will never work in WOTLK. A level 80 could queue for a random normal lowbie dungeon, and since mobs would be gray for him the entire party wouldn’t get exp.

WOTLK needs to fail. Everyone needs to stop playing. There’s no other way to get RDF back and these novice dev’s halfarsed attempts at preventing boosting undone.

WOTLK will have a strong first month, then players will drop off like flies from not getting groups. I just hope the quarterly investors come down on the WOTLK devs hard. They haven’t just failed, they’ve criminally sabotaged what should be a guaranteed profitable investment. They will hopefully face criminal charges after an internal investigation.


So its kind of like WoWs version of Tinder lmao

Seems like something that shouldn’t have an API or should recognize and reject automation.

Exactly. LFG is just global troll chat now.

This! Retail LFG finder and the new AH are 2 surprisingly good aspects of that game.


If you look at old subscriber numbers, adding RDF didn’t change anything in terms of subscription numbers.


good luck lol these people are delusional and are going to exaggerate every issue failing to realize that blizzard will simply address those issues.

they think that blizzard will be like “oh okay nevermind scrap the whole tool and put in rdf!” :joy: