Go check out the LFG tool on PTR!

its horrible!!! the addon lfg bulletin is way better. i myself perfer RDF but if you are for or against RDF go test the LFG tool on PTR. its horrible! something needs to be done


Why’s it horrible?

Feel free to use that then.

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its horrible because anyone, no matter spec can Q as tank, dps, or heals. you have no idea how many are in a grp or what is really needed.

i mean i think most will use it but this is them trying to make LFG “addon” into the game and this is on the PTR. how else do we express that something is not good?


That’s a good thing. There’s a lot of off meta picks for those roles in Classic. It’s perfectly viable. If you don’t like someone’s spec, don’t invite them.

Can you explain this more?

Ok so what is the point of this then? To nitpick?

Too bad we spent the majority of our time available just asking for RDF back, instead of providing feedback to make it work.

We all know blizzard is gonna add RDF in Ulduar or ICC patch under the guise of “we hear you”, might as well embrace the LFG tool and help it to where it needs to be for P1.


The tool doesn’t allow you to even know what role/class/any information outside their name is though when they request to join group…


Not to mention the requirement to enter the LFG channel being linked to the tool creates a bunch of dummy listings.

It was poorly designed. The random dungeon finder will forever be a better experience than what they have currently put together.


It was funny. As a healer, I knew I could just grab a tank on the pre patch PTR, and list in the LFR and just wait. Sorted through the many many DPS whispers until I got the least meta group, then easily cleared the heroics…yeah, this system doesn’t allow for gatekeeping at all and totally added to my social experience…except it didn’t. 99.9% of conversation happened IN THE DUNGEON.

At this point, you have to assume the anti-rdf crowd are just a coordinated troll group trying to make the lives of normal players worse.

Well, well done say DPS everywhere. Thank goodness I’m a healer.


So… that’s a bug and you should mention it. That’s what the PTR phase if for, to fix mistakes like that.

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Ahh bloomsday blizzards white knight no one asked for.


you are literally what holds this game back, this system is dogsh!t and there is no way to sugarcoat it, bring back LFD


I have… Its terrible. Blizzard absolutely needs to bring back RFD


Seems like way too many of the people using it at the moment are just listing themselves so they can talk in LFG.


“Hey, I noticed you requested to join my group. What spec are you?”

I’m not even white knighting. I’m trying to help the OP.

How so? Because I asked him to clarify his vague feedback in hopes of producing something more specific and constructive? And, you think for that, I’m holding the game back?


yes, and you’re garbo at trolling these threads


Eh? Its perfectly viable for a mage to tank a dungeon? lol!


the dev team would have to actually accept feedback, there’s been a few posts in the beta forums saying the tool is really rough and has a lot of issues that get ignored. IDK what people are sending in on their own for beta feedback though.


How is helping someone clarify their feedback holding the game back?

Mages signing up as tanks is a bug. A bug in beta – who would’ve though.

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My guess is this will be the norm once the game is live. Nobody will really use it for actual group formation and just as a barrier to entry for the chat channel.


Going back to before classic ever launched and nost was all the rage a large portion of the classic community is built on this. They literally hate blizzard and anyone not on PS and have this strange purist attitude about a game most of them never played. Classic is in the state its in now because of them.

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