Go check out the LFG tool on PTR!

There’s no cross realm on it. That doomed it from the start.

“Too bad we spent the majority of our time available just asking for RDF back, instead of providing feedback to make it work.”
-Those are one in the same. In order to make it work, it would need cross realm, which means turning it into LFD.

You are forced to use the new LFG in order to post in chat, know why?

So they can show “metrics” of look how many people used it, it must be a success





I want to be nice and to say its to get stress test data. But I can’t.

if the tool was good…it be used. my issue with retail lfg is not the lfg. its a fine tool. its the people in it. that is a rant for another day lol.

if they wanted/needed stress test they need to talk to all the beta folks in some way. Email, special launcher MOTD or something like that.

On this date for these hours we are scheduling a stress test. PLease log in, and not only use…but abuse this feature. make it cry for mercy. we need data. the more you give, the better we can get this better for you later.

CCP games did that for their testing in eve. week+ advance notices. and people came. so you want us to try and break stuff…and not get a 3 day ban. cool.

but…that require devs on high talking to the lowly players. not their thing. except in tweets. they then lock down comments on.


Only shows me you’re a troll who doesn’t know anything.
Because if you knew how the new LFG tool even works in Wrath, you would know “Feel free to use that then” is simply not possible w/o new LFG.

But you’re a troll. Not even a good one.
Like a depressed IT support guy whom everyone dislikes at work and you dislike everyone at work in return, but you can’t get fired because only you can do something and you refuse to teach anyone to replace you, because you know you’d get fired immediately. The bitter type.


It’s pretty bad, it’s like a watered down version of the retail tool. It doesn’t show any of the important stuff for forming a group. There’s no way for the leader to know anything about the person requesting to join the party, there’s no way for the recruit to know what the party needs.

I’m assuming that might even be intentional to promote players actually talking to each other instead of just seeing “Rogue 185ilvl Invite/Decline” like the retail tool does.

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What do you mean? You just sign up for the content you want and then use the LFG chat. It’s basically the same thing just with an extra step of letting people know what you want to do without posting anything in chat. They really need to work on the UI though, as there’s thousands of players on these megaservers and it’s going to be a nightmare to navigate when people just sign up for literally everything instead of listing what they actually want to do.

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Exactly. In order to even use 1/LFG chat you must be signed up in the tool.
In order not to use the tool, you must use the tool.
It’s dumb. Like, actually dumb.

And like you said, the LFG tool is going to be absolutely gutted, rendering it useless.
Whomever developed this tool and promoted it enough for it to get actually encoded int the client actually needs a slap on the wrist for wasting everyone’s time and resources.


But just think if the usage metrics that dev will be able to report to the pointy headed boss! EVERYONE is using it!

ikr…100% utilization rate. woohoo everyone loves it and uses it…otherwise why would they use it if they didn’t love it, riiiiiiight?

Like, how does that even get past a sticky note?

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I agree on the not being able to use LFG chat without using the tool is silly, but maybe they’re thinking that people that don’t want to spam in LFG or whisper random people will use the tool to sign up for a dungeon and then do other stuff while hoping someone will whisper them instead of just spamming LFG saying “2 ROGUES LFG UNDERBOG N” for hours.

The problem is that the tool doesn’t provide enough information from party leaders or people looking to join parties for either person to make a decision and reach out to one another. It’d just end up everyone using LFG chat anyway because the alternative in this case is just whispering every single person signed up for “UNdERBOG N” and asking them what they need.

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If they are hard against the LFD, then they could have saved a lot of development time and money just rolling the retail one over.


No… their “we hear you” is keeping the spirit of classic WoW aka changing the trajectory of WoW’s next expansions so people can’t boost themselves through RDF.

But that’s the thing, LFG tool itself is very poorly designed.

You can only apply to 1 group at a time. Like, it’s the whole “suggest-invite” based type of function.

If I list my group of 3 people and I need 1 healer and 1 dps - all I will get is this…
"Would you like to invie Mileyy" pop up in the middle
I won’t see who it is, what class, role/spec, level and not even role.
And I won’t see anyone else applying unless I either accept yours or decline it.
You cannot apply to anything else either until I accept or decline you.

It 's all going back down to whispers and posting it all in chat and using BB.

All this tool does is create an extra gutter step we all must go through. Kinda like an extra TSA at the airport, but all equipment is made out of plastic for funzies. Just to take up space, time & resources.

This “LFG” tool looks great on paper for a set of 20…maybe 30 people.
Can you imagine scrolling through 10,000+ listings?
What about all WTS/WTB spam. What about all “fake” postings just to get access to 1/LFG chat.

It’s going to be an unusable tool.

So instead of giving players an option/choice on how they want to play, you basically want to tunnel them all into a singular way of leveling? You sound like supreme court. They are also nutjobs.


Yeah, if they just added the retail one and removed the item-level from it, it would probably work well enough.

I think the retail tool has its own problems too though. A lot of the time when I use it, no one tries to talk to me about anything and the amount of applicants is outright INSANE. If I start a group on my DK as a tank, I’ll have literally HUNDREDS of DPS applying to the group. If I don’t have any reason to talk to the person I’m inviting, all I see is Class and Item-level, which is extremely anti-social. It ends up just being me and whoever has the highest item level number, which I think is something they want to avoid with the WotLK version of the tool.

Some of you people want to see this game fail at every turn. Like I don’t even get it lol.
Bring LFD/RDF!

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It’s absolutely unusable right now, but I’m on that hopium that they can fix it with some good feedback rather than just scrap the whole thing.


Wanting a blizzard developed “new tool” to actually be useful and not inferior to a addon or a existing tool isn’t wanting the game to fail. It’s pointing out that is actually inferior and people won’t use it unless they are forced to (like they are doing). I would rather them remove the tool, and let the LFG channel be open so we can use the existing add on OR remove the new tool and roll out the existing tool.

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I will just stick to a closed guild community for all my grouping I guess. Forming/joining pugs without a RDF is more time & trouble than benefit.


If this tool rolls out as it is on the PRT right now, ill be doing the same. It’s a legit cluster@#$%.