GM: "Don't use *HARDWARE* input broadcasting to multibox, either, if you care about your account."

You’re deliberately being obtuse now. Blizzard said:

The use of input broadcasting software that mirrors keystrokes to multiple WoW game clients will soon be considered an actionable offense.

In other words, software specifically made to clone keystrokes from one instance to another.


And you’re ignoring the ticket I put in (see the screenshot)

I specifically asked the GM if it was okay if the input broadcasting happened in hardware not in software and after 6 days one literally told me don’t use hardware input broadcasting to multibox if you care about your account.

Oh, I saw that. Whether it’s genuine or not is beside the point. GMs don’t always know policy. Many have routinely given players incorrect information over the years. Things the game developers have had to clear up in the past. GMs are there to do specific things, but talking policy isn’t one of them. It’s like asking Ronald McDonald to fix Burger King’s fry vat.


That software does not exist on the computer (only the software to speak with the device). I am not sure how much more plain this could be.

My keyboard can be set up to duplicate keystrokes on multiple programs. That is done through software custom made for my keyboard that is running on my computer. That would be part of the software ban and detectable by Warden.

My switch duplicates keystrokes to multiple devices via the switch. The only software on my computer are drivers telling my computer how to talk to the switch.

The official policy update clearly says this is to combat botting which someone running multiple PCs is not doing since the broadcast software is using 1 botting program to run multiple toons.

Also they “literally” did not tell you that. They told you (in hilariously bad English) that they believe the device had the same software in it. Splitters do not have that, but my keyboard does. Like I said I can configure my keyboard to function with broadcasting, but that is actually done through broadcasting software.

a) why would I introduce such gross grammatical errors in otherwise elaborately-faked GM replies when I’m no typo-free paragon but am certainly capable of lucid English?

All right. I’ll grant you that but in the absence of Blizz stepping up to squelch this one way or the other, I thought asking one would be a good idea. I didn’t do anything special - why don’t you put in a ticket and let us know if they say :+1:t4: to hardware input broadcasting.

I’m betting my post wouldn’t have been flagged or GM statements framed as unreliable if they had told me that hw input broadcasting was fine.

It was already posted that no hardware restrictions were in place. Here’s the thread they got their information on. Official Blizzard stance:

The focus of the announcement yesterday was prohibiting Input Broadcast Software, no other restrictions have been announced regarding hardware. Keyboards/mouse macros and functionality, assuming they work within our policies (i.e. do not use the keyboard macro to do something beyond what our in-game macro could do), is generally fine.



Based on Bhootam’s reasoning every wow player is using input broadcasting software

And again, why is this even being discussed, don’t like multiboxxing let them get banned :man_shrugging:

Then why did the Official Blizzard GM say (ignoring the ungrammatical English)

"isn’t this device has the same function as third-party input broadcasting software which allows a single keystroke or action to be automatically mirrored to multiple game clients? Isn’t that your purpose to play WoW simultaneously?

Although the post is saying “software”, but I believe there is also the same type of software in this device."

So yeah here we are. One side wants to believe, like @Kaurmine that Blizzard is totally okay with hardware input broadcasting despite the fact that using it promotes automated gameplay, ignoring that Blizzard has clearly stated

“we’ve seen an increasingly negative impact to the game as this software is used to support botting and automated gameplay.

We’ve seen what two line WoW GMs think (not Vrakthris who is forums customer support) My stance is that if someone sees apparent input broadcasting by a group of toons and reports them for that, Blizzard doesn’t need to prove in a court of law that they were using software in order to ban them. Two GMs think this is actionable / frowned upon. If they detect input broadcasting they have zero direction to investigate if the input broadcasting is hardware or software based.

So it really depends what players will do. When you see a cloud of druids farming nodes will they stop to consider if it’s Timmy with Zack and Ned and Abe on follow? Or if it’s hardware multiplexing and also therefore ok.

And yeah, GMs don’t appear to have any instructions that they need to confirm that the input broadcasting isn’t hardware-based before account actions.

Let’s see where the chips fall.

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Great movie. Would not have Starcraft without it :rofl: Of course you wouldn’t have wow without the Lord Of The Rings either :laughing:

You’re stretching it, dude. The forum blues are the official stance unless or until Blizzard puts out a clarifying remark.

I’ve seen where people have been actioned by doing something a GM told them was okay that went against what a blue post said was against the ToS.

So yeah, here we are.

An official blue post on their site vs something someone could have faked :man_shrugging:



Whether or not people want to play this “grey area. they never said anything about hardware botting lmao!” nonsense - I will report every multiboxer I see.


Ooh! Schrodinger’s Blizzard Policy. It’s fake and it’s real until we hear from a blue. I like it.

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Well it can’t be proved either way so I’ll just go off what I know can’t be fake, what they say on their website.

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Bad time ? Ok ill come back…

Yeah pretty bad time for us… one and two already left :frowning: only the original remains

I thought it was ok until the end, where the dead planet-killer was just left hovering above the earth. Gravity would have finished the job pretty quickly.

Oh … so you have to be TOLD what your morals are. You can’t find them for yourself?

So you get to make up what you think ought to be against the rules and ignore the actual rules?

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No … but the rules don’t govern my conscience. I can think for myself and be able to say … “Well it’s not against the rules but that doesn’t mean it’s OK”. I’m sorry that you can’t think for yourself.