Gladiator Mount Reward 2's & RBG's Please?


Bleh. I don’t want to feel inclined to do 2’s. Maybe a mount that’s earned after a rating in any bracket of PvP

Oh, yeah. Getting Elite (doing +20s or ce) is meant to give you an item that basically adds the “lightning” effects to other sets that you complete, like the purple conquest set.

I’ve heard it’s kind of buggy, though, but haven’t gotten it to test.

They did randomly break some SL sets with implementing it, though.

Is it really based off the bracket? Lemme test it real quick. I don’t think it is.,effects%20by%201%%20per%20stack.

So dampening starts at 30% I think if you face double dps. Then its 20% flat rate for everything else. Ramping up 6% every min. So no matches are quick. It is not based off bracket at all if you mean brackets like 1400 or 1600 its all the same. For 3’s it works a bit different taking longer to ramp up making matches last longer.

You mentioned class tuning. But class tunning has been awful the last 3 expansions. BFA, Legion, and now Dragonflight.

3’s is really imbalanced if I was seeing 3 rogues playing sub going to 2100 + lol. They got a nerf but I’m sure a lot of people skyrocketed.

Not to mention the DH doing insane dmg.

Jesus 3’s after 3 min it ramps up! LOL, I knew 3’s are longer and more annoying.

Just because dampening starts higher doesn’t mean the bracket is faster, you’re misunderstanding what I mean here

By mentioning speed, I’m talking about the general pace of the matches, how fast or slow cooldowns get traded

In 2s, it’s incredibly slow, it’s ALWAYS been the boring bracket of 5-8 minute matches because its usually 2 burst cds for 1 wall, then the next go its 2 burst cds for trinket and a wall, and then the 3rd go is sometimes the kill unless their teammate cc’s well on the enemy’s go, etc

Its just super super slow, always has been, it only feels fast right now BECAUSE of how unbalanced the game is rn

You say 3s is truly unbalanced, and yes you’re right, but you’re forgetting that all of PvP is unbalanced rn, sure BFA and SL had unbalanced af seasons, but it hasn’t been this bad since SL S1, BFA S1 was actually super good too

red armoredons would be cool

Just because you did it doesn’t mean it’s not rare. If you can manage that then ya I can see it being fun.

BFA season 1 was not balanced. BM Hunter was an absolute monster. So was Disc priest. So was Rsham in season 1. Many more I just forgot and these ones stuck in my head the most.

I really don’t think this season is as bad as Season 1 SL. I just remember seeing mages afk and a rogue ones shots me in .5 seconds with echo reprimand and a MW monk couldn’t do anything.

Being convoked and we all die in .2 seconds. Shadow priests using the chains trinket with their partner and getting double mind games by the heals priest and the spriest and dieing instantly because they staggered it and you can’t cleanse it cause you only have one cleanse.

Divine toll one shots. The mage warrior with infinite charges (condemn warrior).

No SL season 1 was the worst season I have ever played. I’m still tormented.

I think 2’s and 3’s matches last about the same based on COMP. But I objectively believe 2’s is way faster than 3’s and I have never found 2’s to be boring. 2’s is still my absolute favorite even though it is so dead.

I think we are getting off-topic here because the point of the matter is not talking about how long matches are or which one is more difficult. We are discussing a reward system change or which matches last longer or whatever.

But theres tons of guilds and communities that do it. Its really not rare you just gotta find the community or guild.

I will say though the queue time can be long that is only simply because Blizz doesn’t reward you for doing it and finding ten people can be hard besides if your just doing yolo for honor.

But once you find a guild or community that does it. Its so fun and getting everyone together is easy!

This is 100% accurate. 2v2 is a much slower and learner friendly bracket, mostly a training wheels bracket. There are only two players to pay attention to, and if one player is CCd, only one really remains to think about.

This changes the higher you get, obv top of the ladder is goin zoom.

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Yeah getting elite gives you a cosmetic crystal that makes your armor more glowy and stuff.

Really? Doesn’t feel like it to me. Maybe I more pertaining to the duration of the match. The matches are quicker and don’t prolong like my 3’s matches.

As for learner friendlier, I don’t believe 2’s intention was to be like this it is just a fact. Fewer people, fewer people to worry about.

Less cool downs to track. But that is just a numbers thing. Which it can be balanced to add a different skill cap.

I mean there isn’t. RBGs are kind of a dead bracket atm for a lot of reasons. Minus S4 when they removed the conquest cap. But that was really only at the beginning. I literally mod/admin a community that used to be an RBG community only and did a lot of them. Not the case anymore at all. The most active thing in M+, raiding and arena that we see.

That makes me sad.

See and I hope blizzard does something. :frowning:

Haven’t started RBGs this season and I hope this is not the case but seeing as 2’s is completely dead this season you might be right. :frowning:

Only thing left for me to say here to your thought process is, dunning kruger.

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Solo shuffle has had an affect on twos I would imagine.

I think you are biased. You just don’t want to see a 2’s and RBG’s reward because you believe it to be easier or whatever.

When the fact is the difficulty shouldn’t be in question as they can scale the number of matches needed or a higher rating threshold.

PvP is in a terrible spot and it is declining with each year.

They don’t balance it. They don’t care for it at all.

Pretty soon it will be extinct if they don’t do something.
One of the MANY problems I come across when talking to people is that they want the mount to be available in 2’s and RBGs and they even asked for it in Solo Shuffle.

Yes, it may be an opinion that I would love to see the mount in 2’s and rbgs’ and perhaps a solo shuffle. Simply why climb if there is no substantial reward?

But as for difficulty that is purely based off experience and yes unfortunately 2’s may be easier that is simply because it is 1 less DPS to worry about. That is just a fact. LESS people Less to worry about.

Matches in 2’s are still fast and I think they are fun at least I’m having fun. 3’s is difficult because I have to find a 3rd partner to be consistent to grind and communicate with. Rather than just enjoying my time playing with my brother and climbing.

Yeah, 2’s is healer starved because healers just queue solo shuffle and get the set and stop.

No one climbs beyond 1800.