Gladiator Mount Reward 2's & RBG's Please?

Why is the Gladiator mount only available in 3’s?

I remember it was earnable in 2’s I believe they changed that… For like no reason at all.

Can we please have the Gladiator mount returned in 2’s I love 2’s and the capability to get it in RBG’s.

Even if it isn’t the same color perhaps a recolor? I just never understood why it is so reward-locked. I despise 3’s so much that I can’t possibly do the cancer grind in that mode and can’t be the only one like this.

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s7/Relentless in Wrath is when it was removed, I think.

No, but it’d be cool if they added a different mount for 2v2 and shuffle. RBGs should probably at the very least get seasonal Hero, too, like Sinful Hero of the Horde, Notorious Hero of the Alliance, etc.


But, why not? I remember you could get the mount in 2’s, 5’s, and RBGs.

Why limit the reward to 3’s when there are tons of players that hate 3s? A recolored mount for each bracket would still make it rewarding it is not like they still don’t have to hit 2400 and 50 games in the bracket.

Plus the fact they did this I notice people only climb to 1800 and quit in 2’s its really sad.

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It was never available from rated battlegrounds.

Most arguments against giving it to 2s are nonsensical and revolve around “Comps in 2s are op” or “Game is balanced around 3s” (False, game isn’t balanced)

You originally could get it from all 3 avenues of arena, 2s, 3s, 5s. Then we accepted the removal from 2s, and then we accepted them killing 5s. So the only way to get a glad title went from 3 different brackets to 1.

We should have glad in every arena bracket, its an arena title, balance the game better.


Post on Hunter/Rogue/Rdruid.

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My bad then I was like 13 when I started playing PvP. But I still remember it being obtained in 2’s and 5’s my older brother had one.

Since I’ve gotten older and gotten into PvP I’m a 2’s and RBGs player yet the player base is not rewarded for such.

Its really weird and I always wanted to know why and why not.

The mount or err recolor if someone is upset should be awarded. High lvl pvp is high lvl pvp its not like the change would be asking you to only hit 1800. It is just giving us the capability to get the reward in 2’s and rbgs.

Is fighting those 3 specs in 2s that much worse than fighting Demo/Sp/DH in 3s? Is it that much more lopsided that there should be no glad title for it?

Should Slack and Dno not be able to go get R1 from 2v2 ladder? why?

My belief is that the same number or a relatively similar number of people would rise to a glad title via op comps in 2s as they do in 3s. We might see the number be slightly higher because the barrier to entry is 1 friend vs 2.

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Glad mount wasn’t ever available in rbgs

I don’t know about the balancing I just want the reward availability in 2’s and RBG’s it would increase the PvP player base and feel more inclusive I feel realllllly lame that I have to find a 3rd player instead of climbing in 2’s with my older bro.


My bad I’ll correct my post I wasn’t sure so I mentioned it.

There really should be more rewards and mounts for all brackets. Would keep people more engaged and incentivized. Just give it a re skin or different title and call it a day.

The reason the glad rewards are gatekept in 3s is because people act like it’s this untouchable pinnacle of balance and skill and while theres no debate that relatively speaking, 3s tends to allow for some of the greatest skill expression and there’s a little more wiggle room for counter play with comps, lets be real, this game is never balanced.


It’s just an argument that has been around forever that has lost it’s standing as we’ve seen more and more silly stuff arise in game. Three main issues with adding titles to the 2v2 bracket are usually as follows:

  1. “It’ll water down the title and more people will have it” - 2400 Gladiator did that.
  2. “2s isn’t balanced, the game is balanced around 3s” - Comedy.
  3. “OP comps will just get free glad” Stares in DH/Sp/Demo/Destro/Every spec at some point in 3v3
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Nah, put gladiator at 50 wins above 2400 in 2s and it’ll be a bigger meme than Unchained.



I want to be able to play PvP in all aspects.

I’m a 2’s player and I love RBGs with my guildies and friends. But after 1800 there is no point to push beyond besides the weapon enchant but we all know everyone just wants the mount.

I feel completely gatekept at the 3s bracket me and my brother only pvp together and I hate 3’s with a passion.

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This is a silly take if the only reason is because “It’ll make it a meme”. People said same thing about corruptions. People said same thing about 2400 glad instead of cutoff. People said same thing about AoE SLT rsham dbl spriest.

The dumbest comps in 2s are just as dumb as the dumbest comps in 3s. There is not an argument otherwise. Stop.

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Weapon enchant, pennant, elite weapons, tabard. Oh, and that new crystal thing that converts a non-mythic/elite set into a mythic/elite set with enhanced vfx.

Yes, and they were right.

Hilarious that you’re not screaming about these things being reduced in value.

2.5/2.6 for tabards.
2.4 for enchants
2.2 for elite sets

You think more or less people que the bracket no with those rewards being more available? Or less? Do you notice it every time you see it and get sad? Does it take from your own enchants?

But why? Of course classes like Rogue and Mage will have it easy to get or double rogue but isn’t that the same for RMP in 3’s or DK, Warr, Healer or Spriest, healer, Lock?

I don’t get the restriction. Maybe even increase the games to win to compensate but even that I don’t get how that would hold.

I already had my tantrum about elite sets. 2200 or 2000 for class ones when ratings generally weren’t as high seemed fine.

2350, 2500, 2600 and 2200, I think it was?

2200 for red in mop.