Gladiator Mount Reward 2's & RBG's Please?

Won’t hurt to try something at least. I think it would incentivize. Just like the Razageth dragon being thrown in as a chance drop for the skin in all modes. People are doing the boss it is constantly populated.

Not saying to do something like make the mount earnable by 1800 I think keeping the same 2400 and 50 wins. But just give us the capability to get it in 2’s and rbgs, and maybe even solo shuffle. Just to bring in some inclusivity for the PVP player base and just do something to fix the dead pvp!

yeah, rbgers have been crying about this for years

like i said, it doesn’t even have to be the same reward, any reward can only positively influence participation. you could add dreadflame at 2250 for christ’s sake, and it’d only help the situation

blizzard simply doesn’t care, they care more about improving wrath 2v2 which is objectively worse, and not the current product they’re attempting to push

it’s a sad situation

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It just seems super weird to me that they won’t even do seasonal hero titles. Super easy, low resource, etc.

Yep, yep, yep. There’s the generic goodies, but everybody takes the path of least resistance and if 1900 2s is 2200 shuffle then everybody’ll just play that.

Having 2s (and rbgs) give a unique reward sort of comparable to glad or w/e seemed to me like it’d help keep the brackets more active.

Maybe they’ll come up with something.

I would like the same dragon but colored differently for each bracket.

2’s have it blue.

3’s will be red one like it is now.

solo shuffle be green.

rbgs be bronze colored.

Just like that.

This is really the heart of it IMO. 5 years from now I’m willing to bet the player base will be half of what it is now. Instead of giving people fun reasons to play these game modes they make it basically pointless.

It seems the entitled elitists won’t be happy until they’re top dog in a completely dead PvP scene.


there isn’t even a tabard

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Unless you play Rogue/Mage in 2s as double dps, I guarantee no double teams would make glad. This is one of the major issues that would come with gladiator 2s.

not that slands is of complete accuracy

but vanguards / wealthyman were #1 as ret mage in s1
axtin / mmrassassin were 3k / top 10 as spriest feral in s2
mud/shane were 3k as feral / warrior s2 / s3
saul/dorito were 2950 as enhance / windwalker s2 / s3
kalvish / hots were 2950 as enhance / sub rogue s2 / s3

so no not true

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I’ve seen a lot of relatively high MMR double dps. Certain specs have limited options, but that’s just kind of how it goes. If it were incentivized and thus more inflated you’d definitely see a lot of stuff getting glad just fine.

It’s on the PTR.

oh okay now i see it simply isn’t in the game

i thought they straight pruned it from 2v2

I mean they did have reasons and it’s been a 3v3 reward since Wrath. I am fine with it being a 3v3 reward but they need to add something for RBGs. 2s is just kind of a meme thing. Used for carries, viewer games etc etc. I know a lot of people play it, but it has so many issues.

Here it is.

There was a blue post a while back about a few of the rewards not being ready for launch, being the illusion, pennant (unsure rank) and tabard for 2400. They said that they’d be retroactively rewarded when they were implemented in 10.0.5

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Oh, the post was deleted. I guess that’s why I was having trouble finding it.

3s is the most competitive bracket is why it makes sense

2s was always meme, 5s was only ever for fun with friends but a chaotic mess when thinking of it objectively

If you dislike 3s so much, and only enjoy 2s and RBGs, my only deduction is you find 3s too hard since 2s are easier by far because the pace is slower, and your agency is low in RBGs since it’s responsibility split between 10 players

If you want glad so badly just keep spamming 3s, you’ll get used to the pace eventually

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I never thought 2’s was slower. 2’s is actually faster. Dampening is really fast and you gotta make the match end cause your gonna go oom the longer it lasts.

RBGS is more inclusive with 10 guildies its so much fun. It has nothing to do with being easy and stretched.

3’s is not really balanced well I think PvP as a whole is terribly balanced.So no I think they should spread the reward. Not lock it in 3’s and tell people get used to it.

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I feel like in general it’s usually slower provided everybody is somewhat familiar with how the matchup plays out or just has okay fundamentals and doesn’t randomly int stuff. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s just how it has felt in recent years to me.

This is a somewhat recent thing, no?

The fact that 2s is such a dampen based bracket proves my point that it’s extremely slow, you don’t end the match fast before your healer goes oom unless you’re playing under 2k mmr where it’s full of above average players that don’t play the script correctly yet

Right now as we’re speaking, yes balancing feels off in 3s, same as 2s and RBGs, the one thing blizz could’ve screwed up with DF which was class tuning, they did screw up

But 3s aren’t extremely unbalanced as you claim, if anything you probably just feel very overwhelmed when you try it and deduce it’s unbalanced because of it

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RBGs with 10 guildies is a super rare thing now days.

No dampening like starts really fast I think its like 20% right when the match starts and ramps up. The argument can be that classes with mortal wounds the heal cut have the advantage.

I feel like its way faster. Games end so fast compared to 3’s unless your playing like a CC burst one go 3’s comp cause once you blow your load your dead. Similar to like double dps in 2’s

I don’t think so I climbed to 2300 with RBGs with guilds in shadowlands just because the drought in the arena was so bad in 2’s and even 3’s in season 2 and 3.

Was really fun but everyone’s attendance got wacky cause there was really no reason to be 2400 and above and yeah. But it is still a thing it is fun. :smiley: