Gladiator Mount Reward 2's & RBG's Please?

It’s mostly the streamer viewers games bracket =D

So sad. :frowning:

Wish they would do something.

Again it’s mostly because of solo shuffle, but also lack of rewards. They just need to add something to each rated bracket for people to progress towards and imo it needs to be different. Other than the glad mount, which again IMO should stay a 3v3 reward only, every else you can obtained can be obtained in any bracket. Well minus the new legendary 2400 +50 wins and the R1 RSS titles. But those are all high end. Need to be some lower end rewards that aren’t ages old.

there’s nothing but benefit in incentivizing each bracket with unique rewards

really dislike the idea of the same rewards available in all forms of content
making everything available everywhere just turns 3v3 participation into current 2v2 participation
shifting the issue without actually fixing it

there’s no excuse not to have at minimum
unique 0.1% & 2400/50 cutoffs in 2’s
unique 0.1% & 2400/50 cutoffs in 3’s
unique 0.5% title in rbgs that maintains the season name
on top of the current % / legend titles in shuffle

i’d go even farther and say shuffle should have a completely different transmog available to it than premade arena
and 2v2 / 3v3 should have a 2700 tabard


when you queue into an rdruid/bm hunter at 2500 in 2s and look up their check pvp and see they haven’t broken 2100 in 3s, you will understand why the glad mount is not awarded in 2s.

Me trying to convince my healer that not trapping the healer isn’t as troll as it sounds if the enemy melee never reaches me.

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I think they should def add in r1 titles for rbgs and similar to 2s. (and 2400+ rbgs should get a different version of the current season ground mount that you get from wins above 1k or something).

Solo shuffle is a new game mode that they gave its own title/r1 title, it also gets the same rewards up until that point, so why not give rbgs/2s its own title and r1 title?

And personally, I hate shuffle. I feel like its eating up a lot of the activity we would see in 2s/3s. Now that theres a new arena mode where you can get all the same rewards outside of glad mount, all the players that couldnt push above 2.1 in 2s/3s for the rewards are probably just shuffling for it instead.

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is the illusion being added too? I know they said a few times it was bugged and would be added at later date

Yeah. Pennant and illusion at duelist, tabard at elite. I am unsure as to what the illusion looks like, but it should be coming in the mid-season patch (10.0.5) which is currently on PTR (?).

Here’s the flag.

because its the only bracket you can get clsoer to somethign remotely balanced…any other bracket balance wise is a meme wich severely reduced the impact of skill required to climb based on class.

ah okay thanks, yeah im doing digging and cant find the illusion yet :frowning: hopefully its something orangish/red to match the elite sets and the 2.4 bonus vfx

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Yeah, the elite sets and weaponry are all fiery/orange so I imagine the illusion will be as well.

Maybe red/crimson. We’ll see.

Critful has been right in like every post man. Here’s my take:

I love the 2’s bracket as well. It’s fun. It’s fun because it’s so much simpler. The sweatiest 2’s game I’ve ever played pales in comparison to the sweatiest 3’s match.

I have no problem giving RBGs or 2’s some sort of reward. But I don’t know if I’m in the camp of making it entirely lateral. 2’s is objectively easier than 3’s and should not give the highest pinnacle reward. Recolors are one thing I guess and at the end of the day, I don’t care much what the reward is. I’m just trying to make the distinction between the brackets.

Having one less person on both teams is massive and despite you writing it off, the game is intended to be balanced around 3’s. It’s the AWC format; the staple of WoW pvp. Having one extra set of defensives, cross, and cds makes the bracket exponentially more dynamic and difficult to excel in. A phenomenal 3’s player can easily transition and succeed in 2’s immediately. The same can not be said for the reverse.

Again though, I’m totally good with adding incentives and rewards. I really do love the 2’s bracket despite my spec being terrible for it. The higher agency is appealing to be honest.

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My 2 cents as a 2v2 hero who’s never been glad:

  • While I wouldn’t complain about 2v2 awarding the glad mount, I don’t think it should happen. It’s not even because “2s is unbalanced” or “2s is easier”, whatever, I don’t really care to engage in that argument, it’s more about the fact that 3v3 needs a unique prestigious incentive to remain the premier competitive bracket.
  • I do think that 2v2 needs additional rewards at 2400+, a separate mount (not a glad mount recolor, different model entirely, ground mount maybe) would be ideal.
    Traditionally 2v2 sees much lower inflation than 3v3 even though it’s the more popular bracket, and while part of that is people constantly dropping MMR for boosts or what not (not so much an issue now), it’s mainly because it has no real incentive to push high ratings.

What we should get is unique 2400 + x wins rewards (title and mount or some other cosmetic rewards) for every bracket, 2v2, 3v3, and solo shuffle, while Gladiator remains exclusive to 3v3.

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Would 100% love to see Gladiator mounts back in the 2v2 category.

Healers actually get to play and enjoy not sitting in crowd control for 75% of the game. If them not being able to play the game is classified as balanced then check your cranium.

Those that love playing 3v3 will always play 3v3 and those that enjoy playing 2v2 can get rewarded for it as well.

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thats gonna be a KSM mount tho

throw armor on it