Give Mechagnome the Gnome hairstyles and vice versa

Won’t make either of them less unique but will add options for character customization and give mechagnome more than just 9 hairstyles


I wouldn’t mind this . . . Though it seems some folk tie hairstyles and such to racial identity.

Diapers for all?

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It’s just hair. A mechagnome could see a gnome with a hairstyle they like and copy it or vice versa. Really any race with enough hair could

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I agree, and truth be told it wouldn’t be the first hairstyle exchange on Azeroth.

What I’m talking about is something . . . different.

Very true…really, I don’t know why there isn’t a set of baseline hair/facial hair/make up options that everyone can use…and then some culture specific options

If you mean appropriation then it still doesn’t make much sense since mechagnomes are just gnomes that lived on an island and modified themselves

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Again I’m 100% behind you here. What I’m talking about will just bring unrelated drama to this thread.

Yea I wouldn’t mind some of the mechagnome hairstyles on gnomes and vise versa.

Aww, cute! I’m in!

I want to say there’s no harm in that however i’m not exactly sure if other allied races such as Mag’har and Lightforged have their own styles too.

No idea but mechagnome is extremely underrepresented right now so they need anything they can get

I’d love to share hairstyles! And colors…

Mechagon Prevails! :gear:

If I read the community right, it’s not so much the facial or hair but more of a want for… a lack of that.

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We’re infinitely better than those drones.

Though, I’m sure no one would mind a “skintone” for full cybernetic bodies.

I have a thread for requests. Been awhile since anyone has posted but feel free to add to it…


It’s not how the community feels though most of it has pushed that it shouldn’t have been another gnome. There have been some bad suggestions such as wildhammer dwarves, sethrak, vulpera, night elven worgen, and even the high elves again which results in us being… tolerated.

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I don’t see why not. Also, allow them to use hair colors from the other as well. Seriously. Hair Dye is a thing. You’d think the Gnomes would have perfected how to make it. It’d be stupid easy for them. Like, a 3-day old Gnome would have figured out the recipe.

Hey, now.

Sethrak are a great suggestion. And a great race.

-Hugs all the Sethrak- Don’t listen to him. He’s just jealous of your electrical capacities.

I meant it was a bad suggestion for an alliance allied race, I should’ve added more context.

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Nah, you’re fine.

I was mostly just playing. :stuck_out_tongue:

The thing is: Gnomes and Mechagnomes unified as a nation. They have the same leader, they live in the same city, etc. Their cultures should blend together eventually.