Ghostcrawler Says Forum Critics are Wrong

With all the negative attention BFA is getting, it’s best to remember that the vocal minority is usually wrong about representing the whole WoW community.

People still believe that “everyone” hated Ghostcrawler and forced him to leave, when he actually never felt that hostility.

Just something to keep in mind when you think negative BFA threads represent the millions of players having fun playing the game.


The funny thing about the new forums is that we can see exactly who is posting and how often - and see how many views any topic has as well.
With how much doom and gloom is spread around here, you’d expect it to be coming from an immense choir of voices, but no. It’s the same ~20 people all over again. So yes, the armchair devs on the forums are most certainly wrong. (Except about Azerite armor, which is getting major improvements anyway.)


I don’t get the hate BfA receives. It has it’s problems, I’m not blind, but it’s not a bad expansion.


That’s because there’s only ~20 of us left! :rofl:


I agree entirely. In fact the only real problem I have with BFA is how much of Legion has just carried over on top of new content with slight or no modifications.

The forums are a minority of a minority of players. I’m estimating from what I’ve observed (this isn’t real math, mind you) that we only have about 1000-1500 total posters in General Discussion itself. I see the same faces constantly with ever-increasing post counts and few “new recruits” to the forums.


What? The sky isn’t falling?

Forums are like politics: only a small fraction of the population bother to participate, but they tend to be disproportionately loud and self-righteous.


I like to think of it as a salvageable expansion. WoD was harder to salvage because the issue was more with the overlaying content systems. BfA has smaller (but quite inflammatory) issues like class design, in my opinion. Not to say class design is a “small” issue but it is workable.


Here’s a misconception that I think a lot of people fall victim to. If you have negative feelings about BFA you can’t have fun with it.

I think there are a lot of things wrong with BFA, but I’m still having fun with it.


I’m not crazy about the necklace (I really dislike it) and by extension Azerite armor but other than that, it’s not too shabby.


Aye, that’s an issue for me as well, but I consider that an extension of a Legion system. It’s just far more passive than Artifact Weapons were, which is what leads me to dislike it.


But most players don’t also bother posting, at all.

Most players dislike something, then they simply don’t play it. They won’t even bother posting on the forums.

If you own a restaurant, or a retail store, your greatest worry is not that elderly person who bothers to write a letter/email when something goes wrong; Your greatest worry is all of the people who already know they don’t like the place.

To me, BFA IS like that restaurant or retail store.

Let us imagine that there was some restaurant you used to like. Later, everything changed at that restaurant and it was pretty bad and you could not really find a reason to bother to go there and eat now. However, you knew there was going to be another restaurant upgrade to 8.1(yeah, I’m not being sneaky about this at all) where suddenly the restaurant sounded like it would be worth going to again!

Do you know what I MIGHT SAY? I might say, “Forget you restaurant, why didn’t you just have all that stuff TO BEGIN WITH?”


I guess youtube, reddit, twitter don’t count then. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


:fire: Nice burn :fire:


If you recall this is directly related to the forums. And it’s hardly like there’s a shortage of youtubers playing this game and posting videos frequently. I can name more than 20 off-hand and I somehow expect there are more redditors than youtubers.

Who is Ghostcrawler? Serious question I dunno lol.

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Hey, some of us armchair devs actually still like the game :slight_smile:

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He was the Ion before WoD.


So what portion of the vocal minority do they represent? Just curious.


He used to be one of WoW’s big decision guys. I think he left after Mists to go work for Riot and play League.

You’ve got a lot of burdens of proof stacking up on you dear. Should probably pay some attention to that.


Ahh got ya so he was like a dev? He quit or left?