Get New Character Customizations in Seeds of Renewal

Get New Character Customizations in Seeds of Renewal

New hair colors for trolls, a new skin color for draenei, and new customizations for warlock Tyrant and Darkglare demons arrive with the Seeds of Renewal content update.

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Wake me up when Trolls get beards.


Thanks for continuing to screw me out of my Observer.


1 new skin color and a smattering of hair colors (at least one of which it feels like trolls already have a shade of?), and continuing to withhold an Incubus recolor we know exists in the data files. Such wow, much excite. :dracthyr_crylaugh:

I guess you get points for some effort, at least. But this is honestly sad.


Sure am glad Draenei are getting another shade of purple and not the fel-scarred skins people were actually asking for.


tails for worgen pls?


As a Warlock I desperately appreciate this.

As a Forsaken, I’m still waiting for an appearance overhaul.

But, one battle won is still a battle won… I suppose. :skull:


Also, the Demonology tier set summons a Doomguard which takes your dressing room settings into account (it summons the color Doomguard you’ve selected). If you can get that working for a tier set bonus, why can’t our Wild Imps spawn in using the appearance selected in the dressing room?


It’s not sad, this sort of thing is good. Any new customizations are good, and Warlocks absolutely need them.


Love the new customization

Wait, did you seriously give Draenei a new skin color… that’s not Man’ari/Eredar Red?

I could have sworn I heard they’d be getting the red Burning Legion flavor skin colors in Seeds of Renewal.

A bit lame, but OK.


Customizations are good.

Drip-feeding the bottom bin of effort that is 5 hair recolors and 1 skin recolor that wasn’t even what people have been requesting, is sad.

I’ll be impressed when they actually go the extra mile and do stuff besides just recoloring things, and do it for all races at once.


“They” isn’t a thing at Blizzard. A person got assigned to this task and a person has been working hard on giving us more options. It’s easy to think that there’s a hundred people working on this and that we should get new customizations every day, but that isn’t the case.

The best thing you can do is be patient and productive. I’d suggest starting a customization thread, maybe turn it into a mega thread… get CC members involved, that sort of thing.


If only they could bring back the observer skins for every other warlock spec


Blizzard has had years of patience.

And bold of you to assume I don’t engage in customization threads.

I can express disappointment in what amounts to 1 person sliding an RGB scale to the left or right. If you don’t like it, you can choose to not engage and continue praising bare minimum effort on your own time.


Some good news but I would like an updated model for the Shivarra with the new one (we keep the old model). It’s the only model with an old model (BC) and without a new model from Legion (Wrathguard, Infernal and Doomguard get it).

Adding new Grimoire of the Shivarra or new customizations for the Shivarra could be a nice thing, just 2 or 3 will be enough ((Grimoire of the) Fel Shivarra without the fel ball on her head and without the green fel moving on the front of the crown + (Grimoire of the Fire) Shivarra for example)

(Grimoire of the) Fel Shivarra:


(Grimoire of the Fire) Shivarra:


They are already in-game and unlocked via a quest, unless you mean a different shade of red than the two we already have? It would be better they gave the fel options from the Eredar toy.


It’s the only real way they can get anyone to play Affliction. Demo gets new Tyrant skins. Destro… hmmm…

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A whole new skin colour for Draenei. A boring, bland, grey variant of what we already have.
Normal Draenei have been in the game since BC and we still have the most boring, lackluster colours and customizations. Give us some more colour! Hair/skin/jewels. Give us some tattoos, scarred skin, and more hair/jewelry options.


I don’t know what you mean by years, they’ve been giving us new customization options, multiple times last year and probably multiple times this year.

You can, you have every right to do so, and I have every right to point out that you are wrong.

They’re literally giving people what they asked for… you simply didn’t get what you asked for. Warlocks win here, we’ve been waiting for these options for a very long time. Be patient, you will get your customization options sooner or later.