Fury Warrior damage


I’d say it needs the Subtlety rogue treatment. Take away 15% of it’s damage all the way across the board in fact. Simple as that.


Ya same with mut rogues.

(Släm) #3

Only time I can say fury warriors damage is op, is when we are using deathwish. If deathwish is giving you trouble then just focus the warrior down. Pretty sure you cant cancel it and it makes us take 50% more damage. Just look for the glowing red hands and you know that warrior is being sassy. Arms would waaaay outclass fury if we got nerfed 15%, that’s ridiculous.

(Surgingfist) #4

thirst for battle should honestly reduce their damage by like 5% or something, they gain more than 5% damage from just having more uptime with it anyway

(Omnipotentjc) #5

Can’t you guys see this is a troll post. Give fury the sub rogue treatment? Yes because fury has unlimited stuns and complete immunities to damage as well as having some of the longest and best CC’s in the game. Yup fury wars are just like sub rogues.


@Fury, their damage should be toned down considering they have self heals. Arms should do more damage because their self heal is not there.

(Släm) #7

Ok, do the same to ret, dks, and demon…………actually almost every class. Self heals isn’t fury exclusive. Arms has mortal strike! That’s why they don’t hit as much. They don’t even hit 20% less then fury, but have a 20% and 50% mortal strike effect.

(Dozêr) #8

A rogue calling for fury warrior nerfs. That’s rich bro.

(Adroi) #9

Does… it matter?

I mean. Fury damage is broke. While that’s only part of the issue, if you can’t even recognize that, then not sure what to say.

Rogue damage, while high, still has a way to counter it… you can actually go on the rogue and pressure them. Fury just mongoloids healers all day ignoring even the most basic rules of arena. They are way to tanky for the damage they do.

I should know. I played warrior to 2.1-2.2 in cata when warriors were only 2% of the ladder above 2200. They had decent damage and MS, but were squishy compared to the top melee specs (which there weren’t many).

You can’t punish fury enough. You shouldn’t be able to just run at a healer all game, LOS your healer all day, and still get a win. FFS, it’s so incredibly annoying and bad right now.

(Therez) #10

troll post. Fury damage is in line with other specs in arena. UDK, DH, Arms, Ret, sin, outlaw can all dish out similar numbers.

(Adroi) #11

So the PVE damage is the only thing that matters and not how it’s delivered?

(Släm) #12

I have a strong feeling these people don’t know about deathwish. Its a stacking buff fury can talent into, gives 5% more damage done and taken for 15s, stacks 10 times. If a fury warrior is doing this to your team and you are not focusing him straight away then I can see why people think the damage is too high. I really think there shouldn’t be anyway for a class to hit 50% harder, but at least it can be countered if you spot it.


fury is fine it just has the cooldowns to kill people fast, it doesn’t bring much else besides charges leaps and burst.

(Therez) #14

No one good actually uses death wish do they? You are one HOJ away from 100-0 past 4 stacks

(Yakz) #15

Fury Warriors are so strong right now, that’s why their representation is only 2% for teams 2k and above in 3v3 arena.

(Släm) #16

I use it in bgs and its ridiculously good. In arenas I don’t see it, but it has got uses if your enemy is not paying attention. High risk, high reward. I love it.

Isn’t the game also balanced around 3v3? I would expect 2v2 to be a bit of a problem for certain comps vs others. Arms on the other hand gets plenty of representation in 3s, but since no one complaining is that high rank, they target fury.


I’d imagine most teams over 1800 would spot deathwish

(Släm) #18

I really think any nerf to fury would just cause warriors to go arms. It is already better at high levels of play, so why not. I almost went arms, but I had all my gear set up for fury and it would take a bit to learn.


wouldnt the counter be to kill their healer or dps partner since they don’t have much utility to peel?

There’s no point making every class the same…they are supposed to have different styles with strengths and weaknesses.

You want big damage but low utility you pick fury, if you want a balance between offence and defence you go arms.

Fury only really has intimidating shout, commanding shout, one stun and maybe disarm as ways to help teammates.

(Yakz) #20

That’s exactly my point. Fury is barely a blip on the radar, and yet people are complaining about it. Heck, even Arms is only a mid-tier spec with Assassin Rogues, Shadow Priests, Moonkin Druids, Elemental Shamans, Fire Mages, and Frost Mages all have higher representation over Arms.

Until you start seeing Fury Warriors become overly represented, there will probably be no nerfs.