Fury Warrior Class Set Tuning – March 8

I appreciate that devs are listening but meeting in the middle for the Glory change doesn’t really work. Necro will still barely beat out Kyrian in ideal conditions and requires way more uptime to make it work. Please revert the Rage spent back to 20.


This is not enough. Given the fact that it is still behind Kyrian and Night Fae, it will get zero play. Please revert the changes to Glory back to 20 rage so we can actually play a covenant that we want to play, with a unique rotation and some class fantasy for once. Please don’t go into the last tier of the expansion disappointing an entire class.


yea this just isn’t enough. I am very appreciative that we are being heard. Very nice but sadly the split difference won’t make necro worth playing at all sadly

Great, now if you respond in such a way to the brutal gutting of ele’s strongest build, the player base would be a lot happier.

They have 350 posts replied to that topic, more than double the reply count here in the warrior thread.

They deserve a response.

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Isn’t the point of borrowed power to do things for a patch or expansion that are too drastic to make part of the class as a baseline? That’s what you’re hurting with these necro nerfs. The group buff cannot be your flag pole by which you tune the rest of the covenant. Give fury a chance to do real ST with meaningful options for aoe with NF or Kyrian.

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You going to acknowledge the s_hit storm you devs caused about the Ele shaman nerf?? Ele shaman forum as over TWICE the amount of feedback and no response… might as well delete the spec with your shi_t acknowledgement to the player base

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Better… but still not good enough to make it an option…

Absolutely true. There are a lot of burst aoe or cleave fights where necro would not be played. The extra 1-2% is not enough to justify playing a build that is susceptible losing dmg during boss mechanics. We are extending a 15 second buff, any single mechanic is easily 4 seconds at least. That’s a lot of downtime for that build. We would like to see a nerf to the mastery to 3 nearby members and revert the necro legendary nerf back to 20 rage. This is a build a lot of warriors were excited to play, especially on single target. Please reconsider this nerf and potentially nerf other things that you would think would make warriors insane on damage such as windfury. As I stated before, a lot of warriors would LOVE to play this build if it did more single target compared to kyrian or night fae.

So, it was still a waste of time to level necro, and the timing just happens to be after the patch is already out and that juicy 6 month sub is paid for.

Not how you make your player base feel respected.

The balance also does not make sense. If the issue is the aoe buffing, nerf that instead, as that is not why any warrior is going to be playing banner. That’s pretty clear considering the play rates, no one has any value for simping out damage.


Meaningful choice.

I want to make a choice to choose a spec that does better in ST but lags behind in AOE, or choose AOE over ST if I desire but as it stands there is no real choice here in terms of output. I think the data posted above speaks for itself.

These types of nerfs should have come during PTR, not after numerous players wasted playtime leveling a covenant.

if you are concerned about the banner buff, do not let it stack on players, and nerf the mastery. The feedback loop created by the necro fury build looks really fun and I know has brought players back just for the chance to enjoy it.


This is me exactly. I resubbed after leaving in October because necrofury looked fun and a playstyle that I haven’t seen since I started playing my warrior in vanilla. The feedback loop gets intense and allows for actually skilled play to maintain, instead of the 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 we currently do.

Im happy they revert the necro lego nerf by half, instead of letting like at 30, of course putting back at 20 would be best.

Hopefully even with that nerf, i can get longer banner uptime this raid with 2p/4p then in sod last tier when i was bannerspec.

Glad I have as little game time left as I do. I am so sick of playing kyrian or night fae all expansion. Meaningful choice is a joke to be brutally honest.

So the tuning is based on getting the second legendary in a couple weeks, having extremely good luck getting the tier fast enough and assuming there is no mechanics for 100% uptime.
I mean it’s the last patch, would have been nice playing Necro once for some fights. Or at least, getting nerfed after, with some real data on all the variables from real players and not just sims


How would they even know if it was stronger than intended? Do people even have 2 set bonus yet

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Noone cares about the grp buff. Give me a reason to pick a ST cov. We are basically back to why noone plays ven.

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Venthier Arms warrior just poking her head in to say hi. There used to be a lot of us, now there are like…4.

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imma guess it is data from the PTR

Well, all dps warriors deal ~25% less damage than the top dps spec. Prot warrior is also not popular/good at all when compared to other tanks.

NF MM Hunter is better at burst AoE.
Kyrian Surv Hunter is better at sustained AoE.

Our niche and identity is having Rallying Cry and Battle Shout this tier.

Please give my class one good spec.


If you are going to tune necro around the group buff, please tune Enhancement around windfury and nerf it by 50% from where it is right now. Somehow it’s okay for it to do 25% more damage than fury while also giving a better buff to the party.