Fury Warrior Class Set Tuning – March 8

We’re currently working on the following adjustment to Fury Warrior’s set bonuses and Glory legendary, which we intend to make live with scheduled weekly maintenance on Tuesday, March 8 in this region.

  • (2) Set Bonus: Raging Blow damage reduced to 10% (was 15%).
  • (4) Set Bonus: Duration of Recklessness granted reduced to 3 seconds (was 4 seconds).
  • Glory (Necrolord Runecarving Power): The amount of Rage spent to extend Conqueror’s Banner increased to 30 for Fury Warriors (was 20).
    UPDATED March 7
  • Glory (Necrolord Runecarving Power): The amount of Rage spent to extend Conqueror’s Banner increased to 25 for Fury Warriors (was 20).

Fury’s tier set was stronger than intended and we will be reducing the power of both the 2-piece and 4-piece to better fit within our goal for tier bonuses. In addition, we will be increasing the amount of Rage required to extend Conqueror’s Banner duration while the Glory legendary is equipped. The overall uptime of Conqueror’s Banner with the Glory legendary, Set Bonus (and conduits) was much higher than intended. We hope with these changes that the overall feel of all covenant Fury builds remain intact but with much more reasonable output.


C’mon fury can’t have one patch where it is actually really good? This is BS and should be reverted. I’d understand if they were projecting like to be WW last patch but it’s not even the best melee. Nerf sub before Fury, but better yet just don’t nerf anyone.


It was good while it lasted I suppose. Although considering how busted other specs were towards the start of the expansion, and then remained untouched, I feel like Blizzard is all too eager to not see Fury (or Arms) performing well in new content. I wonder if Glory’s nerf is going to see the rise of Venthyr yet again. Its not like Venthyr has been the only worthwhile Fury covenant all expansion or anything…


It’s mostly a product of how the toolkit’s damage profile happens & the toolkit’s design.

The regular ongoing issues I saw with Fury is that it was mostly one of tank vs dps threat management. If you played certain tanks like BDK or Guardian, Fury could insta-burst for 400-600% the threat of either of those tanks on every single pull, which made it really difficult if you didn’t also have a Rogue or Hunter to offset that burst.

Had Fury’s set up actually required more than 2 or 3 buttons to properly set up all their burst, it likely wouldn’t have been an issue but the fact its super simple, high burst, and available on every pull with the tier set only making it than much more potent, anyone playing Fury had to know this was bound to happen.

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Based on preliminary testing, the 2p and 4p nerfs are fine - they cost the NecroFury build about 1-1.5k DPS (from a “bis”-ish sim of around 17-17.5k down to around 16-16.4k, depending on talents). That’s enough to leave it strong, but not really egregious, considering how dependent on uptime the build is, and how much stronger Kyrian and Night Fae remain in AoE/Mythic+.

The Glory nerf is pretty severe, however, accounting for around 2.2k DPS drop itself alone. That takes the build down to about 14k, making it once again the weakest Warrior covenant.

Considering how dependent the build is on single target uptime (in a raid with a lot of multitarget) and the fact that Necrolord has been virtually unplayed the entire expansion, I would recommend leaving the tier nerfs (tier was too strong for all covenants anyway), but reverting the Glory nerf.

Update: adding some numbers, based on the T28 profile, which is not entirely min/maxed but “BiS”-ish.

  • NecroFury was at around 17.2k DPS with Anger Management or 17.4k with Reckless Abandon (very unlikely you would actually play with that in most situations though, as it tend to get you killed in raid) - obviously high and in need of a nerf.
  • Kyrian and Night Fae were around 15.7k, but keep in mind they are far better in burst AoE and Mythic+.
  • The Tier nerf drops NecroFury down to around 16.1-16.4k depending on talents, while taking Kyrian and Night Fae down to around 14.8k.

In my opinion this is fairly well balanced, considering how dependent on single target uptime Necrolord is - there are already several fights which don’t lend itself to this setup, not to mention Mythic+, so I suspect that Kyrian & NF would still see a lot of use regardless.

The Glory nerf drops NecroFury further down to ~14k, which is frankly dead on arrival. At that point, it’s worse than Kyrian, Night Fae (and Venthyr, but nobody is going to play that anymore) in every situation. In my mind, this is unwarranted, and a 1k delta is justified, considering it only does single target well, and probably won’t actually perform that well when also dealing with raid mechanics.

You could argue that the group buff still gives Necrolord additional value to make up the difference, but the covenant has gone virtually unplayed throughout the entire expansion, so it’s pretty clear that neither world first raiders nor “average” ones are valuing that bonus. I think it’s a fun idea, but this is a part of the covenant’s tuning, then I would recommend tuning the group-buff (as well as not letting multiple banners stack on the same player, which grossly inflates their damage) rather than the personal performance, since again - nobody really seems to want or care about it.


That’s BS reasoning and I am sure not the one. Tons of melee classes had that issue before. The only one that never has was rogue (tricks). DH ripped threat easy in BFA, pallys and ww monk ripped threat easy. Fury wasn’t even broken and they nerfed them.


This is what I was looking for, and what I was afraid of. Is it so wrong for me to just love Necrolord Warrior? I love the green banner I can have out, combined with the Earthen Battleplate set and the green colored Legion artifacts. But if I actually play Necrolord, I’m shooting myself in the foot because it offers no competitive damage and the Banner buffing allies is kind of “Eh”. As soon as Necrolord gets competitive, nope must nerf right now because its “overperforming”. Where in the hell were the Venthyr nerfs when that was the only Fury covenant? I think they did one tiny numbers adjustment then left it alone to completely dominate the first half of the expansion. I can’t even right now.


You nailed it.

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DH ripped threat in BFA only due to borrowed power, in fact DH is built solely on such a system and without it its a dead, shell of a class regardless of circumstance.

As for Pallies and WW, I’m not sure what to tell you. I never had any issues with either of those specs over the entire expansion on a Guardian, unlike I’ve had with Fury.

I’m disappointed in the Necrolord nerfs. Was looking forward to playing them for the first time this expansion, but with this change looks like I’ll just be sticking to Kyrian and NF. :frowning:


Agree with Archi here – the tier nerf isn’t entirely unexpected because it was /really/ strong, but nerfing Glory this much will put Necrolord entirely out of the running before anyone even gets a chance to play it.

I’d rather you just nerf tier and see how things shake out before you take down Necro.


so is arms better now?

What is the nerf based on? The necro sims were unrealistic in raid or m+ anyway since they are perfect condition single target sims, now it’s just a pointless covenant once again. Remember how Sinful Surge venthyr was supposed to be the best spec in the game and turned out behind other covenants even on ST? We don’t even know for sure necro fury would be that strong without nerfs, glory should definitely be left alone for now.


Like can we just keep the build and nerf the st dmg.

It was finally nice to look forward to play something different, and welp there that goes


Yea I’m one hundred percent with archi here. Necro is now basically worthless as it is now worse in singletarget and multitarget situations than any other covenant. I understand tier nerf but the necro nerf is quite sad. This just seems too extreme for a single nerf. Was looking excited to play something more refreshing and now we are looking at a massive nerf to warriors. Especially when the nerf is based on sims that rely on 100% uptime and great rng to work out properly.


What a huge disappointment. I understand the tier nerfs, because it was a bit too strong but that was a kneecap to necro which already required tons of uptime to look like the sims. This is all borrowed power and shouldn’t that make it fun to play for a little while? Fury has been pretty terrible at ST and just when we get to be pretty good, WHACK. Nerf bat. Please consider reverting just the necro nerfs.


This is unbelievable, I slightly understand the tier nerf but not the glory nerf. This build relies on uptime and most of the bosses in this raid do not play that well into it. Give fury an opportunity to even play the build live and see the numbers before nerfing the spec back to being useless in ST. You let boomkin be broken for an entire expansion, let fury be strong for one patch.


Glory nerf should be reverted… Kneecapping a covenant that hasn’t been played all expansion (by almost any specs in the entire game, no less) seems incredibly bad. Please revert necro nerfs and let warriors actually play the covenant. The tier set nerf is sufficient and will bring fury well into line with other specs, the necro nerfs are completely unnecessary.


lol blues don’t even play. sad they think they know what they are doing. :confused:


Let the warriors play some necrothing god dammit! That happened thanks to the RWF.