Fury Warrior Class Set Tuning – March 8

Thank you for all of your feedback on the recent Fury tuning changes.

Our goal with this round of changes is to curb a bit of the feedback loop created with the synergies from the new tier bonuses, double legendaries, and conduits available, especially for Necrolord. However, with these changes it’s important that we make sure Necrolord Fury still feels like a competitive choice compared to the other Covenant options.

After doing some further review, we’re updating the Glory legendary change from 30 Rage per Conqueror’s Banner extension to 25 Rage.

Given Necrolord’s ability to increase others’ throughput as well as their own, we feel like this should strike a balance between their personal output and their group buff potential.

very insightful thanks for the post. I can understand there might be a desire to make necro lower due to the banner buffing others, but it takes some effort to line that up and it’s not always going to go to the best classes with the best timing. Not only that but to Archi’s point it requires high uptime and pure single target which is very rarely achievable in practice. I’d love to see some necro game play and in order for that it needs to move back up to be more in line with the other specs that are much more heavily aoe focused.

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now post an update for the elemental shamans

you deleted their spec from raid and m+ because you thought their hands might get a little sore.


Buff spriest?

My friend literally can’t in good conscience select playing one this tier to push keys on.

Ele shamans gonna see this and zergrage


Now don’t ignore shamans. Take off the blindfolds and actually pay attention to what people are saying.


Does the buff extension increase duration on the buffed party members? This still feels like a punishment to a spec and playstyle that requires 100% uptime on a boss to make it viable.

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Another tier as Arms. Even before these unnecessary changes BiS Fury and BiS arms were practically equal in single target, as long as arms has windfury totem(another issue entirely but shamans are already on suicide watch all expansion)
Necrolord fury on ptr was the first time I’ve actually had fun playing the spec since WoD, but hey, keep ruining the game, not like blizzard cares anymore anyway.

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Are you seriously not going to provide any update whatsoever for Elemental Shamans?


Looks over replies to each of the class tuning posts from Friday.
Warlock: 15 posts
Druid: 39 posts
Hunter: 85 posts
Warrior: 130 posts
Shaman: 355 posts

And yet, only Warrior gets a response? No reply whatsoever from Blizz about the absolutely absurd nerf poorly disguised as an “accessibility” change. Shamans dumpstered on week 1, I guess. RIP the new main.

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cool but where’s the ******* shaman nerf reverting

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seriously there a shaman form you can complain about. This is warrior form.


what about the elemental shaman feedback??

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While I appreciate the effort, I’m not sure splitting the difference is enough. Using the same numbers as before (again in full T28 gear, which most players won’t ever even get - the build really does not take off that hard without extra stat inflation through ilevel):

So Necrolord gains +1-2%, which is simply not enough to encourage playing it, especially when the potential for failure due to downtime means it’ll undoubtedly perform worse than the others on average, and I don’t know any nice way to say it except that nobody cares about the group buff.

Tuning Necrolord around the buff to other players has left the Covenant in a bad place the entire expansion (despite potentially being the most powerful when considering that value across the entire raid). There’s no mincing words here - it’s been virtually unplayed:

If the group buff truly is the tuning point, then nerf that - it would be far healthier for the game as a whole to reduce stacking burst damage, and reducing the allied buff to 200-300 Mastery instead of 400 would allow the Warrior to actually gain something meaningful from their own covenant. At the same time, multiple banners really should not be able to stack on the same player.

I know 5 rage doesn’t feel like a big difference, but requiring 25% more rage is a dramatic nerf to the legendary. Consider that the 4p tier nerf already penalizes that feedback loop, and please undo this nerf entirely.

Update to make something clear: Warrior is still a good class, it’s still going to get played regardless. This raid has a lot of AoE and Kyrian (maybe NF) will be high on the overall rankings for that alone. Necrolord doesn’t do that though - it’s a very single target focused build which gave Warriors the option of effectively doing something other than AoE - trading out one tool for another, which is a hallmark of balance.

The 16k-ish number that I suggested isn’t even particularly high in single target, still well below the projected output of Rogues, Mages, Shaman, Warlocks, Druids, and Priests, roughly tied with Demon Hunters, Death Knights, Ferals, and Hunters.


yeah sure there is a shaman form and only warrior getting change.

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Barely being ahead of the AOE covenants for single target while being way behind for everything else just means no warriors are gonna play it. If there is this terror about some kind of degenerate burst with stacked mastery buffs on something, then balance or change that? I don’t think too many warriors were excited to play Necro for the group buff, but rather the feedback loop that you’re trying to make fall apart.


Venthyr 2.0


Almost like the exact same thing that was said when Sinful Surge was unnecessarily nerfed days before Mythic Sanctum. While most went Arms, those who did remain with Fury (or switched to it later on) still gave up on Venthyr and went with the AoE options instead.


Revert the Glory nerf to the original this covenant has barely been played at all during the expansion. Why would you nerf the covenant that has the potential to be theoretically the best for single target. Fury should get the many different options like other specs have. We have NF and Kyrian for mythic plus and aoe we need something for ST we have venthyr but it got old quick. Necrolord is something different and refreshing to play with and if its the raid wide buff then nerf that or make it exclusively for the warrior


Revert the nerf dont be afraid of meaningful class choice