Fury Warrior Class Set Tuning – March 8

Reverting the Glory nerf would leave the NecroFury build around 16k, which is about 1k higher than post-tier nerf Kyrian, Night Fae, or Arms.

Given its room for failure due to loss of uptime and its weaker multitarget capabilities though, I think that small advantage is fine, and it still may not even be the primary build (since this raid has a lot of multitarget and target swapping), however it would at least remain an option.

Going forward with the nerfs as is, Necrolord would be completely off the table, outside of buffing your favorite Warlock, which has not been reason enough for anyone to prioritize it so far throughout this entire expansion.

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hard agree, no ones even asking for the insane numbers that it currently shows with the tier set, we just want the option of playing a different cov/ having a viable ST option even if its insanely hard to pull off. hopefully they consider reverting the glory nerf.

Please man, i stopped playing this game caus emy class lacked variety and now your forcing me into playing a single covenant. I was so hyped about playing Maldraxxus please tevert the covenant debuff man. Yall let Venth ruid through the gates, this isnt even that bad. Let us have our time


Quit crying, war is one of the best melees alongside with rogues. Stop whinning over a clearly overtuned spec.

There’s a huge difference between tuning (which fury did need a little of) and basically removing an entire viable covenant option. Nobody’s saying it didn’t need nerfing, but this is way too far.


Rogue is simming about 2k DPS higher than Fury after this nerf. Fury is currently too strong in AoE situations, so address that. Don’t completely gut a single target option. It is unacceptable for warrior to have the worst tank spec and have both of the DPS specs be below average in single target.


I’ve been told time and time again the past few expansions that class changes can’t be made at the start of the raid because players and their guilds have built their specs classes and raid layouts based on the upcoming raid. We were told that making changes mid tier puts too much pressure on the player to find the new optimal build. At least that was what I was told when boomkins were head and shoulders above any other class and spec over the past 2 tiers.

Guess that all goes out the window when it’s not the Dev’s favorite classes that can literally never experience a nerf. I had been posting constantly during the release of Castle Nathria about how poorly warriors were doing and was constantly responded with the criticism about when and where class balance can ever occur. Wait until after world first race they told me. Wait until after the x.5 patch they told me. Wait until the next tier they told me. It never came.

Guess what? Turns out they can dump a massive turd of a hotfix on a class whenever they god damn feel like it. That the complete lack of any class balance this expansion was actually something they actively took part in. That this hierarchy of the have and have not classes is all part of the plan. Would they be doing this is boomkin was in this situation? At this point there is no doubt in my mind that the answer to that is a resounding no. Warriors can go screw themselves because the Dev team is just entirely playing favorites at this point.


I don’t understand people saying that the nerf to tier is warranted. If you look at the two covenants that fury will play if you exclude necro, it’s nf and kyr. Both of which fall dead in the middle of the pack. Why would that need nerfs? How much more balanced does a spec get than dead middle?

Necro was the only one that had the POTENTIAL to be busted (and yet still not simming the highest in a perfect scenario such as st sims). Necro’s potential was yet to even be realized, as nobody could even do it yet. Implementation of necro was going to be very difficult but had the potential to be very strong.

Venthyr wasn’t even a consideration out of the 4, because in any scenario that venthyr was good, necro had the same requirements and would be better for both the individual and the raid as a whole. Venthyr would actually be played if they reverted condemn nerfs.


I have wanted necro to be competitive the entire expansion. I spent the last two weeks leveling, wasted A LOT of anima upgrading its features and now it is just GUTTED after I put in all that work. When we cried pull the ripcord early on, this is why. We did not trust that you could balance things and we would not waste our time leveling a covenant just for the rug to be pulled out from under us time and time again.

I agree with the 2pc and 4pc nerf. That is totally warranted and brings the build back in line. However, after spending gold in game to craft a glory just to have it nerfed 2 days later is infuriating. I know I can get the legendary mats back, but I can’t get the item I paid 50k gold for back.

Please undo the Glory nerf and let things play out for a weeks. Let Necro be viable.


There’s how much the spec does overall and then there’s how much the tier adds. Ideally, those two things should be balanced separately.


Right, and I get that. So if they’re going to nerf the tier, then it needs a baseline buff it seems.

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I’m not sure if it does or not, but that depends on their balancing paradigm and their expectations for the spec.

In full T28, Kyrian/NF may not bring particularly competitive single target damage, but they are still kings of AoE and multitarget, so there’s a very reasonable argument that they shouldn’t also bring very strong ST damage, and the tier nerf is fine.

However, that also results in Fury having no real good single target potential, and IMO this is where the Necro build fits in well - it allows you to trade that single target advantage out for greater ST - which is a balanced trade as you’re never best at both worlds.

This is again one of the reasons I think the Glory nerf should be reverted, as the NecroFury build simply adds another option to the spec, without making them universally best at everything - keeping in mind that reverting Glory while keeping the tier nerf would leave Necro merely “good” at single target, and still below the level of Rogue/Enh/Warlock/Mage/Boomkin, which again I believe is a fine and balanced place to be.


I can’t recall a tier where mages were anything less than strong.


if you wonder why people are leaving this game? Its because these unnecessary nerfs turns off WoW players. you guys never learn, what of a disappointment.


wtf are you talking about arms is the top performing spec in the new raid, it also needs some tunning down alongside with rogues.

Not in single target and certainly not once tier, double leggo, and ilevel inflation kick in. Warriors in general are performing well overall right now, but the majority of that is AoE, while ST is only above average.

More importantly, it’s a completely separate state of balance from tier and double leggo - which is the topic of this thread. You really can’t conflate the two, as they are not indicative of one another.


This is too big of a nerf too close to the mythic week. Please, reconsider the Glory nerf.

Bllizzard por favor reconsidere esses nerfs,deixe os warrior fury brilharem um pouco , se for pra nerfa alguém que seja nos rogue sub q estão ridiculamente mais forte q os warriors …Plzzz

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Hopefully we can get an update today. The Necro nerf along with the tier nerf seems overly heavy handed.

Nerfing Tier is fine as we were getting a lot more from it than other classes in a relative power gain from tier, but the necro nerf just removes an entire playstyle that myself, and seemingly a lot of players were looking forward to.

It had all of the PTR to have these changes made and tested, neutering it this close to mythic feels extremely bad.


Agree, also hoping for at least an update on their stance on this sometime today. Would leave a pretty sour taste in my mouth if they just dont say anything after this thread has been pretty popular to say the least. Even if they don’t revert or change anything, atleast an update or response to the concerns the players have brought up would be nice.