Full PVE servers

It’s a video game, anything done here accomplishes nothing.


There is no reason not to add them considering the large population that wants them. Even in Vanilla people rerolled off of pvp servers a lot.

Please keep trolling, I appreciate the bumps.


Imagine having so little to do that you go insulting virtual characters in a video game forum lol.

Yea we badly need 1 or 2 new PvE Est server atm. Hope I can get my desired name on one of them.

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It was my experience in Vanilla that RP servers tended to have less people striving to do endgame raiding or hardcore/semi-hardcore guilds. Which is totally fine, but if people want to join an endgame guild that’s generally not the type of server they think of.

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Sadly, the pvp trolls in here are giving the perfect example as to WHY I don’t want to play on a pvp server.

Because this is the type of player that will hide in the bushes in an area 20 levels lower than they are and gank lowbies and camp them. Because their real lives aren’t fulfilling and they’re insecure in themselves, they have to ruin other peoples’ experience. I mean, they’re so desperate for it, they have to bring it into the forums too.


Problem with pvp servers, it is high risk with little reward, it is basically full of sadists and masochists.


So I will now voice my opinion on the main topic since the thread is back on track. I think we need 2 more pve servers, one east coast and one west coast.


This… and as soon as you realize it, you should be ignoring them. Why are half the posts in this thread bothering to respond to these people. Flag it and move on.

Why even post a thread if you are going to have a nasty PA attitude before anyone even replies…

If you like PVP all of the fun/challenge of pvp servers can be had on a pve server if you flag.

If you want to play with kids or an SO that are new to the game do you really want to carry them through STVietnam?

If you gank people are you actually good at your class? Really?
Most Wpvp on pvp servers consists of one sided 1v1s
Part of the meta is not putting yourself in bad zones/match ups for no reason
The most ideal situation being going to a zone where the other faction is
questing 2-3 levels below your level

All this does make high profile quests less effective in terms of xp/h

When you eventually get ganked it’s just extra padding on an already grindy game.

I loooove PVP but BGs are where its at. You actually compete against people in a fair environment.

I never feel good about winning in open world.

Either I play to win/be time efficient and there is, ideally, no chance for the people I fight to win

Or I just attack everyone for keks/loktar ogar and corpse run a lot when I really have no reason to…

I could see this being more fun if I had a tight nit guild I trusted that was going for world first and there was the extra incentive of being able to bully people off devilsaur, world bosses, etc

If you want to talk about hard core pvp like games like albion where you can fully loot people. I just think pvp servers in wow are mostly… extra padding… a device meant to keep you subbed longer

nope. Come Monday they will need a LOT of PVE servers.


but that means there are fewer sheep for them to prey on. it’s always ‘hey all you PvE scrubs come play with us tough guys on PvP realms’ then unsaid but what they really mean to add at the end ‘my level 60 needs more level 30’s to gank.’

From my experience in vanilla-wrath PvP servers clearly 80% or more wPvP is max level toons killing people who have NO chance. or groups picking off solo players as soon as high levels come to challenge them they run and hide/log off look in other zones for low levels to pick on.


I would like to see 2 more PvE one PST one EST. I would also like to see an EST RP-PvP added. ideally they would spin this up today or tomorrow to give name reserve people a chance to jump on them first as I suspect a LOT of resubs coming this weekend in preparation for Monday.

No, more like 70:30

If they don’t add PVE servers before launch, adding them later won’t do any good.

Most of the last minute subs will be people who have already played WoW before. They’ve seen low pop servers turn into dead realms and they’ll avoid any ‘new’ or ‘low’ server to join high and full, just putting more stress on full servers.

If they open them now, many people will reroll for lesser queues, making the population at least ‘medium’ by launch, which will encourage resubs to pick them.


More servers! Glad they did.

They have completely underestimated the player response to Classic servers. Blizzard needs to add at least another half dozen regular PVE servers. They’d be crowded if they had double the number of all types of servers that they have now.

Well the last PvE server they announced Old Cheney or somethin has yet to appear on the list, so maybe they holdin it back, or he shot someone duck hunting again.


Old Blanchy and Westfall will be added at launch tomorrow. Wish they would go ahead and open them up today for name reservations.

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