Full PVE servers

If you haven’t notice blizzard has a pretty big bias in favor of pvp right now in general.

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Oh, I dunno, weapon skills are gonna send most out the door back to BfA.
We will see though. EQ has 10ish of these servers, but it’s only the one population of folk jumping around, being manipulated by RMTs. Their new TLPs lose their shine about 3months - 6months in on average now because the RMTs are so dominant in the game.
We will see what happens to WoW. I came to support it. I really loved the Classic WoW, warts and all. Just keep Eyeonix away from any Shaman Fixes.

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I wouldn’t go anywhere close to that far. PvP, in particular World PvP is where a LOT of the "emergent gameplay can happen. Playing on a PvE Realm, your ability to experience that is greatly diminished.

It just also happens that 90+% of that “emergent Gameplay” on a PvP server happens to be somebody simply being a censored because they can. So while I’ll miss the tension of playing on a PvP realm, and some of the random player events that happened both good and bad because of it. The balance of things says I’ll be happier on the PvE side.

This is what I came here to see, thank you

Huh? This was never really an issue for anyone. A minor annoyance at the worst of times.

I wish they would too, but realistically I guess if they do, all that will happen is oodles of people will make characters there and it will read as ‘full’ as well.

That’ll happen tomorrow at 1PM EDT anyway, most people should be subbed by then.

For me it comes down to that I don’t like ganking so I see no reason to subject myself to being ganked. The occasional TM/SS battle or what not is fun but those are so rare it’s just not worth it.


Right, but then it would look like they had not solved the problem and they’d have to do it again. :slight_smile:

It’s all bogus anyway, these days (with their amazing phasing and cross realm stuff especially) it is easy to spin up new capacity and servers in reaction to the demand. So this whole nonsense of limited and “full” servers is just a marketing exercise.

Well, yeah. They are intentionally limiting the capacity of servers because when layering is removed they will only support around 4k concurrent users. I think they overestimate how many will quit.

You will be playing while they are stuck in a queue. Want to wsg? No problem. With the population imbalance they will have problems.

They actually blame us for the population imbalance.

“Alliance need to stop being pussies on their PVE servers and come fight us.”

But they won’t give up their racials to go Alliance and even the fight themselves.

Wow, the give us so much power. Lol.

Really? That’s not what the amount of “holy %#($ you Classic nutters can’t want that back!” I’ve seen indicates.

It’s sensible to assume they will end up having to offer free server transfers when a server has 15k people trying to get online after layering is removed and only allowing 3500-4000 online at once.

I expect people to quit over the months, but not over 50% of the population in 45 days. And I expect people to make comebacks with each new “phase/new raid” opened. SPECIALLY something special like AQ40 opening event.

Yeah it’s not like people on these forums to engage in ridiculous hyperbole for totally trivial issues! :wink:

Generally, you keep your weapon skill up automatically because, you know, you’re using it. In the rare case that you find a weapon worth upgrading to, but your skill in that weapon type is low, you level it up because… it’s worth upgrading to. Which is a net win.

Honestly, it’s kind of fun anyway. Just go out and wail on boars for half an hour while half afk’ing. Generally when that happened I’d level up everything just in case. It does not take that long.

I love weapon skills, you’re constantly gaining small power increments as you go. A skilled up level 15 is slightly stronger than a freshly dinged level 15.

Tomorrow they’ll hook you up with a new realm. Just breathe