Full PVE servers

There’s more PvP realms that are full right this very minute, than are PvE.

It’s not hard to understand. More people play PvP than PvE.

I think it is more of a distortion coming from the Private Server crowd.

I’d put good odds that a month from now, the PvE realms will be just as numerous as their PvP counterparts. Possibly even more-so.


Observable and yet really weird. There were way more Normal realms than PvP realms the first time around.

My best guess is that most people who wanted to reserve names went to PvP servers, and it’ll very quickly even out once the game actually launches.

There are more PVP servers period. Did I miss the low or even medium population east coast pve server? Does creating one that you obviously aren’t going to play on in some way diminish your play experience? Perhaps you are just bothered by a significant player demographic having the ability to play without the queues?

The last time I was on Darkspear , Horde players wanted to pve on a pvp server . I was kicked out of a guild because I didn’t do any pve on a pvp server , wtf? I remember Airforce one .

Your assumptions about me actually fit your profile. Ya gotta learn to quit projecting yourself so loud.

Once again. I don’t care. I don’t. I really really really don’t care.

I gave a good estimate of the numbers, who the hell cares.

You’re the one acting offended

Yes, you obviously don’t care. The real question is why you are even on this thread if you have no interest in rolling on a pve server and it wont diminish your gameplay. Really dude, why do you feel the need to act like the PVE folks shouldn’t get another server?

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I wanted to hug a carebear

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Tiger and I will hug you . lol

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And you have such strength of conviction that you did that hug from an alt. Nice, you are truly strong and brave. You are my new hero.

I knew you’d come around to it :kissing_heart:

I’ll unsub if my only option is to play on a PVP server. Private servers typically force PVP servers on people but at least they’re free. Not saying I’d play one just saying they aren’t charging for a service. When Blizzard is charging for it they can at least provide enough servers that on launch we aren’t stuck in ques. ADD MORE PVE SERVERS.


very ignorant thing to say

you could always roll on a RP server. That server is PvE and I believe that its still at medium pop

RP servers are fine, but Blizzards fail of a launch let someone take my name from me. BB RP server is dead to me.

Got all three I wanted on Pagle though so hello fun Barrens chat.

My name means more to me than server type. Just the fact that I got all three names will keep me where I am. Too much server Q and I’ll just get bored with the game faster. They should add more so the influx of people when the game goes live has a place to go.

Personally I hope they are added before Monday.

PvP servers are gonna drop population when the majority of players realize they’re never going to be that mafia boss or legendary ganker they dream to be. Mark my words.

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If that was true, the PVE servers wouldn’t be full genius. The ratio will probably be 50/50 PVP to PVE server population. It always has been.

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I agree. The PVP servers are going to go down hill when all the streamer fan boys lose interest which should be pretty quickly. What Classic needs is many more PVE servers. That’s where the real hard core players will be.


The issue with pvp servers is there are too many people that act like school bullies, as shown in this thread. They call you a coward for rolling pve, yet they are cowards and would never say anything like that to your face.

Anyone who fights a person who can’t fight back is a coward. Real men fight with honor and seek a fair fight.


I dont see how/why this turned into a debate over server type, why is it so wrong to not want to sit in a que? I never called for them to stop adding PvP servers. Go have your fun ganking/being ganked, thats not fun for me…again would just be nice to know where actiblizz expects me to create a new character if they dont offer any alternative…