Full PVE servers

So im keep seeing posts about how all these realms are “high” or “full” population and we should create characters on other realms. While you’ve added more PvP realms, BOTH EST PVE realms are either high or full and you have offered NO alternative. So i ask what other realm am i supposed to create a character on??


Helpful and constructive…dont tell me how to play


Sorry to tell you but almost every person who’s gonna play classic is going pvp, that’s why they keep adding pvp servers. Just go on a low pop pvp realm if possible or just be in queue in pve realms

Seeing how (as i stated above) BOTH servers are high or full, your post seems ignorant.


If Blizzard is ignoring the EST community on RP PVP Servers, you can bet they’re going to ignore your demographic as you make up a significantly smaller demographic.

I said to get into a low pop-median pop realm if possible or wait in a queue

Guys some people want to play in PvE server , I’m one of them ^^ i just want to chill , level up and enjoy the game without being worried of aholes trying to gank me. Indeed we need at least one more PvE realm since theres a lot of pvp realms and those 2 pve realms we having are full.




It’s possible they could add another pve realm but it doesn’t seem likely

How can 1 server be more of a demographic than 2?

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Did you even play vanilla? PvE servers were amongst the highest pop servers in vanilla. And often what ended up happening was many players who thought they’d enjoy PvP servers ended up rolling PvE after they got frustrated with constantly being ganked by level 60s when they were only 25. Many of them rolled PvE and never looked back, because you still get TONS of world pvp on PvE servers.



They should open at the least one more PvE server as they are high and full.

Also because everyone you speak of won’t actually like PvP as much as they hoped and jump ship to the few already bloated PvE servers


It really should be the other way around. PvP realms should be the one with vicious queues where everyone is fighting to get in while PvE should be carebear and let everyone in. So in reality there should just be a single PvP Realm and bunch of PvE Realms.


Roll on the RP Server? I played on one, its no different from PvE unless you make it so.

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imo pve and pvp realms should have around the same numbers of realms

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I’m not talking about the number of servers. I’m talking about the number of people that would play on said server.

You guys are desperate


If you ran a clothing store and 90% of your clients were males. Would you stock 50/50?

You’re right. It’s inevitable.

2 Servers that are either high or full vs 1 server thats full…seems like your math is still wrong