Fresh Start LF Friendly Guild

Hello all,
Im getting a very, very late start in Classic. I started playing in December of 2004. Classic-Cata was when I was very heavily invested. Ive dabble in all the expansions since then but never really stuck around. Im looking to start playing Classic as I’ve recently had a lot of my time freed up.

I would love to find a friendly, social community to join. PST would be awesome ( as I live in Alaska) but I could do CST as well. Looking to eventually participate Raids and PvP.

Feel free to leave a reply here or even add by B-Tag. Kyler#1936

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Hey if you’re still looking for a guild, Solstice is taking new members!

:boom:[NA] Horde Classic, Ashkandi :boom:
:star:Guild Name::star: :moneybag:We Horde Gold :moneybag:
Join us in the fun moving into Burning Crusade to clear content

:star:Server Time: Eastern Time zone
:star:Current Raid Day/Times 40man: 8-11pm. Monday (MC\Ony) ,Tuesday (AQ40),Wed (BWL)
:star:Current Raid Day/Time 20Mans: Fri(AQ 8pm /ZG 11pm)
Raids will Change when Burning Crusade is Released

:star:Looking For: People who are interested in trying to push content but not trying to be world beaters. We want to be efficient and not burn out in the process. We want someone who comes with a positive attitude and solutions instead of negativity and complaints. At the end of the day we play the game for fun and the game shouldn’t feel like a chore or something people don’t want to do. :smiley:

:star:Guild Info: We are a large sized casual raiding guild made up of newbies and oldbies, lowbies to level 60s soon to be 70s! We enjoy helping each other out, chit-chatting and having fun social events, and of course we enjoy raiding! Family and friends of guildies also welcome to join the adventure moving into Burning Crusade :smiley:

:star:Loot: Currently we use the Ms/Os Soft Reserve System w/weekly prio point added. Loot system is for all raids Naxx,AQ40,BWL, MC, Ony, ZG, + AQ20. Same Loot System will be used in Burning Crusade as well.

:star:Note: Change your Discord name to your InGame name and reach out to get role access to the Community.

:star:Contact: Please in-game or discord message @Randomizè GM#0325 or @Megss#0498

Happy Gaming

Hi Myrothius,
We are building something based on community and it sounds like what you are looking for. We currently have a few amazing people with us but looking to expand that quite a bit if you are interested. Really trying to build the type of community where we can all hang out in discord while questing on off days. Just like Old TBC was. It your interested take a look at my post I linked. Feel free to reach out in Discord. I have it linked in my post.

Hey there! Avant Garde is looking to push in TBC and looking for new members!
Come check our recruitment discord out and see if it’s something you would be interested in! Looking forward from hearing from you.

I created a new guild for TBC classic on Faerina. I’m looking for new or experienced players that feel out of place in hardcore or just social guilds to come hangout and run dungeons and raids for a good time. We focus on fun before progress, not to say we won’t strive for progress but we are not out to be Ahead of the curve. We will clear whenever we get there and will have fun doing some pvp. Whether you are rolling a freshie or continuing from classic we welcome all and will not rush because we are here to enjoy all aspect of the game. If interested you can contact me on discord or battlenet.

Hey, perhaps we are something you may be looking for?

Grievance is a multi gaming guild that has been around for 20 years this October… we are mainly made up of older, casual/semi casual folks who still like to raid. We realize we all have lives outside of gaming and always take that approach.

We are rebuilding for TBC and looking for laid back folks who want to have fun leveling, running 5 mans and plowing ahead waiting for the TBC launch. We will be raiding in TBC but raiding is not just all we do. However, we do start raids around 7pm cst so that may be a little too early for you, figured Id give you a shout anyway! :slight_smile:

Add me to discord if this sounds interesting and we can talk some more, we are H on Mankrik. Nionya@7814