FRESH Classic Server Launch with No Transfers! No Layering! and a Population Cap!

New realms only make sense if,

population cap exists, server only BG´s, no layering, no transfers, active GM´s to ban bots and exploiters.

I played on many servers, different factions and it just isn´t Vanilla, but retail with old talents.

If I could find my old post, but yes, servers need more moderation.

I see plenty of peope pissed the lvling experience sucks. There are 9 realms to full. They wont notice or care if people leave.

On gear. Yes i dropped my shaman in full bwl gear to go to a fresh server in vanilla. Some people dont care that much about gear. Gear to me is just a means to the progress. I dont care about getting really rare or expensive items.


I will start over when a fresh server comes!

Suggests, to me, that there’s not enough interest in this whole “fresh” concept, as it’s being portrayed to be.

I feel that now is a good time for fresh realms honestly, as we know they are working on TBC, and its a good way to transition to TBC

Agree fresh realms

Thats if they transfer. I agree people wont transfer off mega servers. I think they did new servers with no xfers you have lots of guilds going for server first. Really top guilds only have 5 to 10 hrs a week of content if they are not doing alts.

I look at the word “transfer” in its entirety. There’s the literal transferring of characters from one realm to another. Then, there’s mentally transferring your mind off of your Server/characters to another. To me, they mean the same thing. If one is unwilling to literally transfer their character(s) from one realm to the next, they’re not mentally doing it, either.

It’s fresh time bois

What??? If they cant bring stuff over and no boosts the server will be alot of fun for a few months.

Please say that, again. Just slowly.

Exactly. There’s no point in investing more servers just to have them fizzle out. Makes no sense.

It will be fine after a few months just not as fun to lvl on. The should roll a new server every 6 months. I feel alot feel left out and dont want to jump into a mature server. Also break mages aoe farms on those new servers.

I still laugh at people making words whatever they want. Thats what my question was about.

I think a new server would provide a more genuine leveling experience that can’t be found on any of the old servers. Yes, the purity would only stay strong for a few months, but so was true in 2019. There hasn’t been a new server in a year and frankly it’s discouraging for new players to start on the current top-heavy servers. TBC isn’t coming for at least another year, so it really seems like a good time.


I love to start with war effort. I like to see how long it really take.

That’s pretty much the same thing. Only a handful of folks will remain loyal in the stagnation of the “Fresh” Servers.

I disagree with that. We shouldn’t constantly have an abundance of Servers just for them to be abandoned. It makes no sense.

What does this mean?

Why just those Servers? Why not all Servers? Obviously, it’s a “problem” for “all”, right?

I’m not making words whatever I want. The transferring of your mind is still a form of transfer. Transitioning yourself away from your home server to another server is still a a form of a transfer. Mentally leaving the prior server.

I wasn’t aware you had asked a question. More like making a “you’re ridiculous” statement with your “what?”.

I see alot of post is it to late to start classic. The dmg is done on the servers already so breaking mages only fair on a new server. I was asking a question on do you really think anyone else uses xfer in that way.

New servers from scratch with no transfer option I would restart there.

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I take those posts with a grain of salt. I’m factoring in the possibility of a legit post scared because of what they read on these forums vs actually what’s happening in the game, and posts looking to incite trolling people.

What “damage”?

You never asked this, specifically. You just asked “what?”. But, you should know the answer to this already because I specifically said “in my mind” and “to me”. Now, you can prove me wrong by suggesting a plethora of players are invested in the “fresh” concept without needing to transfer their prior characters.

Likewise, I will state the same thing you said in which from the posts I’ve seen and read, suggests to me (again, to me), the transferring of characters goes hand in hand with mentally no longer wanting to associate with their prior servers. 'Cause of others wanting to bring characters they leveled elsewhere, to “go back” to where they started.

I don’t think anyone with a reasonable mind would want to play on the trainwreck blizzard has done with vanilla lmao