FRESH Classic Server Launch with No Transfers! No Layering! and a Population Cap!

Why so much negativity? Fresh servers in vanilla always had a couple big guilds come to them to be top dogs.


Exactly! It’s because they feel threatened. Most posts that say ‘no’ are fearful that a server done right will drain their servers and create a ghost town. (This did happen to some extent in Pservers) but really the geared and rank 14 players will never reroll off their current servers and a strong core will stay! Esp the larger servers. But a % will come who have nothing to lose or for a chance to be top dog as you say

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9 servers are way to full. Take a server of them even as a alt it be a fun server. Classic is super casual now we can do all the raiding in one night. I am sure people love to have a horde or alliance alt on a fresh sever. I cant decide pally or priest.

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Reguarding layering, and a fresh server. I think layering shouldbe used for only up to 2 weeks, and only in the first 2 starting areas. Example: elywnn and westfall, but not redridge or duskwood. Dun morogh and loch, but not wetlands.

After 2 weeks, layering removed.

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Layering caused the issues we have now. They should of done more servers then xfer off dead ones. Maybe two layers tops but the 4 or 5 they had on release was not a good choice. I dont think layering should be on fresh servers. Open new servers if needed. My server was 3 to 4 days after launch and was super healthy until xfers came in and cuased ques. I am pretty sure if we had 3 times the servers at launch only faerlina be a problem.

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All these transfers appear to me to be in response to faction balance. I say we limit/lock the numbers of one faction at a certain point. Leave the other side open.

I just don’t know how it would be implemented. First 2,000 unique accounts? How do we prevent ghost toons occupying space? Stop allowing people to play on multiple servers? Auto assigning people unless via guide invite?

The alternative is worse. Limiting it to just the starting areas allows for the flux of new characters.

Seen this kind of non-sense before people who suggest or support this are likely on a over populated server. They come up with these ideas in attempt to get people off the server or because they themselves are too damn stubborn to transfer.

Good thing Blizzard sees the ploy and wont fall for it. The servers lock will slowly over time solve the population issue.

However it is implemented it should have been done weeks ago.

At this point there are multiple multiple servers that are forever scarred and some PvP servers so imbalanced that it would have to be cut in half and shuffled into another just to get a faction balance.
It’s a real mess and anyone posting about it is getting muted.

Always sounds good on paper, but let’s go through a few points:

This is exactly what upset people who were unable to log on to the “Locked” servers we have today. Having a hard cap will have players purposefully create tools to ensure there character never logs out, overloading the queue time.

This is fine, but will upset players after they say “I don’t want to play on this server anymore because there aren’t enough Alliance here”.

People complained about rushed content, but people are raidlogging at this point. There’s no change if you rush or slow down content - people will do it the same.

Sounds good. Just wait until the Black Lotus mafia comes in and people cry they are being heavily farmed.


This will drive players away when the faction imbalance is 70/30 Horde/Alliance. Horde will never be able to play due to queue times, and Alliance will quit due to being camped.

No? Why would players want to drop everything they are doing from what they have now to start fresh?


Not only a population cap but a faction cap. 70/30 servers shouldn’t exist.

Because they capped their toon and only raid log??? Alts are not fun to lvl on old servers.

So they will play on the new server, realize they need to start from scratch and get bored, and then quit. This creates a dead server - it happened a lot in Retail when it was still Vanilla.

If you guys want a FRESH start…go play on one of the lower populated servers. If you all congregate there, you’ll basically make it fresh.

5:17 PM 4/25/2020
There is no logical reason to crank out new realms when all the current ones aren’t full. You’re just going to ruin the realms already up and unnecessarily divide the player population. This lesson should have learned from private servers which insisted upon releasing fresh realms for no good reason. This is why I never cleared all classic content. The moronic server staff released new realms we didn’t need which starved the old realms of players it needed.

This post is being unnecessarily censored by Blizzard until April 28.

What if we dont want to deal with bored fully geared tier-2 undead rogue constantly ganking in redridge 24/7?

I dont see how a single fresh server would harm anything.

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I do it all the time. But then again I’m not into raiding, hardcorde guilds or end game. This game is just casual fun for me. Starting over is easy, but I know I’m the minority.

One ladder server. Just open it all the way to Naxx on day one. Guilds can race to finish. Have it auto reset in a year or something.

That largely depends on what the player is doing. Like you for example, you aren’t raiding. If you got thunderfury, or Hand of Rag, or whatever big item out there, you’re telling me you would drop that character in a heart beat for a fresh server? That’s just a messed up move imo. You cost a guild ALOT of gold and resources for that item(s).

If you aren’t part of the first wave of 60s, then you will deal with it regardless.

There is also less ganking on less populated servers. Blizzard would tell you to go there instead of further dividing server populations.

I understand the logic behind it, but this is why things shouldn’t be soul bound. I’d gladly give such items away to start over because the leveling experience has always been more fun than grinding one dungeon for a 4% chance at half a sword.

WoW classic appeals to me in its leveling experience and somehow acquiring BiS gear would be better suited to someone who plays one or two toons only.

Even my mains, like this toon, look like alts cause I divide up my time questing or starting new toons. The idea of fresh servers always sounds great.

I’ve passed on a lot of loot in dungeons because I’d rather it go to serious gamers. I don’t let this game rule my life.