FRESH Classic Server Launch with No Transfers! No Layering! and a Population Cap!

I rerolled fresh in vanilla. I have no issues leaving toons. I am sure there is atleast 10k people rdy to start over/start with me. Summer is over and i have weekends open to playing games again.

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A few Classic only servers dropping when tbc drops would be AMAZING!

I approve these points!

  1. NEVER allow transfers to prevent ninja transfers!
  2. Have a schedule for content release with specific dates (customize this for options; slow release (Naxx in 2 years) vs fast pace content release (Naxx in 1 year)) The more casual gamers with less time I think will appreciate this as an option.
  3. Set in Stone “this server will not be going through the TBC portal” vs “this* server will be progressing into a TBC server (after Naxx Content release)”
  4. Faction specific que times for PvP server balance (avoid 99% servers assuming the ‘ideal’ is no worse than 40/60 % split as ‘balanced’)