Free mount w/6 month subscription

I notice that there is a new offer on the store to get a mount/toy with a 6 months subscription. I was just billed for my 6 month sub last week. Am I still eligible?

IME, you should be, when they get around to sending them out to 6-month subscribers in good standing.

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According to the offer

“ If you’re currently on a 6-month recurring subscription with a future renewal date, you’ll receive Wen Lo as a gift in your desktop app at no additional charge no later than February 11, 2022 (must be redeemed by August 31, 2022)”


As Nok noted, if you are on an active recurring 6-month subscription the mount should be awarded to you no later than February 11th. It usually does not take that long for those mounts to go out, but I don’t have a specific time frame on when they will start running the script that sends them out.


Thank you all.


I have a 6-month subscription that doesn’t expire until June 9th, but I cancelled my recurring billing just a couple weeks ago, will I still get the blue tiger mount?

my 6 month sub renews one Mar 20, 2022 do i get this mount and toy or will have to buy a new 6 month sub for it?

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I’m not sure. It usually is for an active subscription.

If it’s active it should go through automatically.

If your 6 month sub is currently set to renew in March, or will renew at any time, then yes you will get it.

If your 6 month sub is currently ticking down but you’ve cancelled it from recurring, then you will not get it. You’d have to setup the sub again and pay for the next 6 months to get it.


Yes. Any time they add one of these things, if you are on the 6 month sub, you will get it.

So, in the past, I received a 6-month sub mount prior to canceling the sub and still retained the mount. That is, I had a 6-month sub set to renew, but sometime after receiving the mount and prior to renewal, I canceled the sub. Nothing happened to the mount.

Interpret that as you wish.

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How come the 6 month subscription for WoW China also include the swift special tiger mount?

You would have to ask China support. And they wouldn’t know because the ones who make decisions like that don’t share their reasoning with Support.

On the WowChina Announcement Post, they also included a short video showing off the Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger, obtainable for players that purchase the 180 days of game time bundle. It is important to note that the Chinese World of Warcraft realms are managed by NetEase and often times will have differences in the game or shop, when compared to other regions. The bundle that includes the Swift Spectral Tiger, Wen Lo mount, and Goblin Kettle toy costs ÂĄ1,688 CNY (about $267 USD) and the bundle without the Swift Spectral Tiger costs ÂĄ310 CNY (about $49 USD).


This doesn’t seem fair to me. If we’ve already paid for 6-months subscription time IN ADVANCE we should get the promotional mount that is offered during that 6-month subscription. It doesn’t seem fair to say that we would only be entitled to it if the subscription might renew because had we known we could have waited to cancelled the sub just one day before it ends, and still have had the mount.

If you want to provide feedback on how the subscription premium program is structured and administered, you’ll have to post in a non-Support forum, because the Blizzard folks here in the Support forum group are not the developers and are not liasons to them.


This is how it’s been for the past few years. In order to get the mount for free, you have to have a recurring subscription set up. If you want to be safe and be included in getting the free mount by having one set up in advance, then don’t cancel it until a few days before it’s due again. But since the release of the Dreadwake ship (pretty sure that was it, at least) when it just needed to be a six month block of time, not necessarily the subscription - it has needed to be an actual subscription in place already or purchased for the mount/time deal that’s being offered.

What you think is fair, to be blunt, doesn’t mean much here. We’re your fellow players. There are no GMs or Devs that come to this forum, as Sniperorc pointed out. Offer your feedback in GD or through the in-game suggestion interface. They’re the only places where a Dev can make note of them.

These are the terms of the deal. That’s Blizzard’s decision on the matter. If you don’t want to fool with the subscription the mount itself is available on the shop separately. You have options, but neither you nor any of us dictate what their decisions are for these sorts of things. You can only offer your feedback in the proper channels.


I’m fairly positive that if the sub still has time remaining, you can reactivate it and you simply won’t get charged until the next renewal date. You can still cancel again if you change your mind.

I’m not 100% sure if my memory on that is correct but I’m fairly confident that you do not get charged again until the actual renewal date. I’ll dig through my transaction history to see if that actually shows up that way.

With the Mount offers, your charged when you sign up. Even if you have game time.


Are you sure you’re not conflating non-recurring game time with recurring game time? I don’t recall ever have my billing date extended by reactivating a 6-month sub during a mount period, unless this is a recent change.

I’m looking at my transaction history/emails from the past and don’t see any extensions for reactivating a 6-month sub during a mount period.

I do distinctly recall from several years ago that signing up for a sub while still having non-recurring game time would bill you immediately for the subscription, effectively pushing the non-recurring gametime to the end, and looking at my recent transaction history, that happened this month as well where I was immediately billed for a 6-month sub (weeks ago) while I still had non-recurring game time remaining (I think, it wasn’t a 6-month sub before at the very least and all I see sub-wise are the 1-month ones for my other account). I don’t ever remember being double-charged for the subscription itself just by simply reactivating a canceled one before it expired.

Anyways, looking at last year, I got the Lucky Yun mount with a sub on Feb 2021 and canceled the auto-renewal in June. I still received the Sapphire Skyblazer in July. Half my emails are deleted so I can’t tell if I had signed back up for the Skyblazer and canceled afterwards or if I received the mount while the auto-renewal was canceled, but in either case there was no extension to the 6-month sub.