Free Character Transfers Now Available -- WoW Classic Era

How long do you intend to keep the free transfers open?


Im on Herod and currently its giving me an error when I try to use the free transfer to Whitemane. Anyone know of a fix? The error is: Please select a different realm and the selected realm is not accepting character transfers at this time.

Not necessarily. What you can do is have one faction of characters free transfer to Whitemane and have your other faction of free characters do a paid transfer to one of the merged realms (Arcanite Reaper, Fairbanks, etc). In that way you can have all your characters on both factions on the single merged realm where everyone else will be.

As far as the names issue, you can have them on one of the other merged servers that are merged with Whitemane and still have your character names. Might need to do a bit of scouting and making level 1 alts, but the choice is in your hands.

I believe they haven’t hotfixed the actual connection allowance yet. May need to wait for them to apply the fix shortly or tomorrow for it to work.

As of now, you are kinda screwed for free transfers-wise as you can only take the free transfer on one faction but not the other. If you want, however, you can still pay the $25 to transfer the other faction character to any of the PVP realms Whitemane is currently connected to, Thunderfury, Rattlegore, Fairbanks, Kurinaxx, Blaumeux, Anathema. Situation may change if/when Blizz allows free transfers to all Whitemane connected realms, cited above.

In my opinion this is Blizzard preparing for fresh. Consolidate the existing player base into 1 PvE realm and 1 PvP realm that will stay in P6 forever, just like any private server has done. And then start fresh realms that will merge with the P6 realms at the end of the fresh cycle.


Why would you add Old Blanchy to this list? We have a pretty stable population that doesn’t need shrinking?

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Bingo, the small servers will likely get closed eventually and then re-used to launch fresh classic versions.

Yeah that’s my understanding

I don’t want to brag but that is exactly why I decided to reroll an alliance on the pve cluster.

So are transfers from Old Blanchy to Mankrik not set up yet? I’m getting:

Error: please address these issues:

  • Please select a different realm.
  • The selected realm is not accepting character transfers at this time.

Having the same isssue-- Cannot transfer from Azuresong PVE → Mankrik PVE
Error. Please address these issues:
-Please select a different realm.
-The selected realm is not accepting character transfers at this time.

This seems to be a win for all parties. A steady recruitment stream into P6 servers at the end of fresh seasons. Surely, somebody somewhere has a problem with this though ?

Some people want, or at least expect the fresh servers to have the same choice of continuing to TBC or staying in classic. I don’t have any problem with people playing TBC but if you let the community move on from classic fresh we will be right back in the same situation IMO. It will be a cycle or two before the P6 realms resemble a normal fresh realm in terms of active population and raiding scene. But this won’t happen if the fresh characters move to TBC instead of going to the P6 realms.

Getting the same error here when trying to head over to Whitemane, what’s the go with that Kaivax?

Is the free character transfer still going on? Because I’m seeing the $25 price tag when I select it in the in-game shop.

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cool thats good

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WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY isn’t this open transfers for TBC?!?!
Argual is still Aids with a massively huge horde ratio but there aren’t options to go elsewhere.
I’m shocked something that isn’t removing emotes got done though.

Classic era has been suffering from population draught since its inception. Wait your turn Mr. Retail.

Also, this is the classic forum? Not the TBC forum.

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If Whitemane is connected to several other realms, wouldn’t it make sense to offer those other realms as a free destination as well since we’re all a big group anyways?

That way, I can move Alliance and Horde toons AND pick the server that I can claim my original name on (already scouted Whitemane, my names are largely taken).

Meh, not paying $40 ($25 transfer/$15 clone) for this. I just won’t bother with Classic Era at all.

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What’s worse is that they’re moving a Pacific realm and two west coast realms to an Eastern time server.

I’d really rather see them merge the 4 west coast realms!

I’d really love to hear from Kaivax/Blue/Blizzard!