Free Character Moves Close at 11:00 a.m. on Dec. 5

On December 5 at 11:00 a.m. PST (2:00 p.m. EST), we will close the Free Character Move service for all realms in this region. We suggest that any player who has not yet taken a planned Free Character Move please do so as soon as possible.

Thank you very much!


Looks like Paid transfers are coming.


Why do you guys always close these things? It’s like George W standing on the aircraft carrier saying “mission accomplished!”.


My god I hope so. I will play again.


Hopefully this is true, trying to faction change also and try something new.

Can you enable the free character transfer from Faerlina to Kirtonos… or for any Realm? I didnt play anymore there and my character is abandoned there.

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Does this mean paid transfers are coming? Why can’t you guys just tell us what the long-term plans are here? You have fractured a number of guilds already, and it all goes back to the way name reservations were horribly botched.


I’m pretty sure they won’t ever allow paid transfers. It would mean the final nail in the coffin for several realms.


Have you been watching Blizzard’s divorced step dad approach to balancing realms?


Many times closing transfers will increase the amount of people taking them. There will be a rush of people who are on the fence by forcing them to make a decision. Then Blizzard can open up new transfers and people will jump at them because they may close at any time.

There’s a lot of psychology going on here.


yeah this just screams money grab to me. They must know the state of faction balance is completely screwed because of their actions. They’re either incredibly ignorant and willfully not paying attention to how bad they messed up certain servers balance, or it’s purposeful just so that the only way to fix this huge mess is for the community to come together and balance the servers themselves through paid transfers. That would be in the vanilla spirit. Blizz gets big bucks and the community works together.


yeah then all the allies will xfer to heartseeker and make the problem even worse for every single server by turning all PvP servers into PvE servers
but at least they’ll get alot of money from the realm xfers


either open Kirtonos to heartseeker with next Free xfer wave… or open paid xfers PLEASE. Or faction change.


Agreed. We already saw mass alliance flight and now my realm fairbanks is 30/70 alliance to horde. Imagine what will happen once paid transfers open, it will become most likely 10/90 with the horde being forced to paid transfer off or enjoy their new PvE realm with the occasional rare mob alliance that drops honor at a 100% droprate.


just make it so u cant go to unbalanced realm if you are the unbalanced faction? duh. Horde can go to heart seeker or balanced servers, alliance can go to skeram kirtonos etc, or balanced servers. u know. its not hard.


Does that mean horde won’t be able to transfer to anywhere but heartseeker and arcanite reaper? They’re most likely going to be trapped on their realms then. Not taking any realm into account, there seems to be more horde than alliance anyways (roughly 60/40 horde to alliance worldwide). If they open PvP to PvE realm transfers like they did in vanilla then prepare to see some ghost realms.

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i mean… they put in all the other nails in the coffin whats wrong with the final one ? and they make a buck from it too…


Let’s hope so! Would be tempted to play again if I could move my character to a more appropriate realm!


yes would be AMAZING

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