<Fox Force Five> 8:30-12:30 Sat 6/10H

Are you searching for a casual and laid back approach to learning the fights in the new raid and eventually getting AotC? Then look no further!

Fox Force Five is a group of like-minded players with an interest in building a solid community of long-time friends in the form of raiding and mythic plus, as well as other activities together outside of WoW through our Discord server. Every new raid tier, we focus on clearing normal before moving onto heroic for our AotC achievement.

Raid time is always Saturday 8:30-12:30pm server time with the possibility of mythic plus afterwards if we finish early. Loot is distributed based on the personal loot system, each item is yours unless you’d like to offer it to the team! We’re fairly active all week, with our Discord server as the primary source of communication (a requirement for joining!). We also have folks playing other games if you need a break from WoW.

At the moment, we have a need in our roster for:

But we’re willing to consider all applications! We’re not about having a perfect comp, we’re all in it for the fun of raiding.

If you’re interested, please message an officer online or reach out to me at my btag: Classyrogue #1603

Bumping this up.

Got 5/10 last night! Still could use more numbers for the later bosses!

I tried adding you to bnet over a week ago. Are you still looking for heals and dps?

First of all, I must apologize because it was an out of the blue friend request and my monkey brain thought that was a bot or something phishy like that.

Second, we are! We’re currently 5/10 as of this weekend and more numbers in general would be really beneficial for the fights ahead. Your Bnet was Kael something, right? I should be around tonight if you see me online or want to try adding me again and this time I won’t ignore it like an idiot.

Sent a friend request, I have a Ret Paladin that is 218 and willing to fast gear. I can also tank.

I just accepted it! Though now I don’t see you on my friends list for some strange reason.

There was a blip in my account, dropped all my friends for a bit. I re-added you.