[H] LF Home! new to server

R1 multi-glad player new to server honestly wanting to find a active,mature pve/pvp guild?
needed a change and this server has been on my list.
havent really been serious on any character since SL launch
but looking to start fresh on a new Sham will play both Resto and ele
bring alot to the table but also willing to learn more :slight_smile:

started working on my shaman and want stop till its complete, very active player as well

Hey Drew,

Endless Pastabilities may be the guild you are looking for.

About us:
Raid days - Friday and maybe Saturday 9:30 PM - 12 AM Server (EST)
Eventually community events, dedicated mythic plus groups to help gear or to push keys, and everything in between!

Our guild is relatively small but looking to grow slowly with the right type of people. If this sounds like something you’d be interested let me know. I’d be happy to talk more.

Discord: Star#0985

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