4 homies looking for Heroic raiding guild

Arms Warrior
Holy/Disc Priest
Unholy/Blood DK
Brewmaster/Windwalker Monk

We are all around ilvl 230
We have past and present Heroic raid experience. We also raided Castle Nathria and were 2/10 Mythic CN

not this post

Hello there yo, Risen Ambition is interested in a group of friends looking for a home, we raid 8pm-11pm eastern (server time) feel free to contact me over disc or ingame. we are 9-10 heroic atm.
discord is: Cuso#0385

Phury is 9/10h and looking to push into some mythics and finish off sylv we raid tues/weds 10pm-1am est hit me up tang#1917

Check us out and see if you are interested.

Hey guys if you all are still looking we raid T/W 8:30 - 10:30. If that may work hit me up on discord (durabi#4286) or bnet (Durabi#1347)

Hello potential friends!

We are Munchma Quchi (9/10H SoD), and we are looking for DPS and a healer that can flex DPS when needed to fill the holes in our roster. We have a great track record of picking up small groups of friends and making them part of our effed up family, so maybe this is the home you’re looking for!

I don’t believe there’s anyone in our raid group under the age of 25, so we’re clearly an adult atmosphere. We all have lives, jobs and families and can’t no-life the game like we did back in the day, but we can still clear content and have a good time together.

We raid Tues/Weds nights at 9:15pm-11:15pm EST. Enchants, consumables and repairs are provided by us for our raiders. We ask that you bring a positive attitude, a good sense of humour, and the willingness to learn. We have dabbled in mythic, and have achieved AOTC in every tier since we began in Legion. We also do the Glory of the [Insert Tier Here] Raider achievements every tier.

We run keys daily, we like to PVP (RBG group is a possibility with enough interest), and some of us play other games outside of WoW (le gasp, I know). We have a Free Company on Crystal - Coeurl in FFXIV, and a bunch of us are CoD/Overwatch addicts.

We are small but active, and we have been consistently playing together as a group since Legion. I myself have been a raid leader since Molten Core was current content. We moved from Daggerspine to Thrall this spring, and we have found some really solid folks to join us thus far. We’d love to have even more while we finish off Sanctum of Domination!

If this sounds like the kind of environment for you, hit me up in-game (Annora#1484) or on discord (Annora#0420) for an invite.
‹Munchma Quchi› @ Thrall (US) - Guild Profile (raider.io)
‹Munchma Quchi› @ Daggerspine (US) - Guild Profile (raider.io)
(For historic purposes)

Contact me on Discord Jakê#6713 or on Bnet: Olympus#11435 our raid times are Weds/Thurs 9-11 Eastern

Hi Lunacy is looking for more DPS for mythic raiding to deepen our roster! and we would love to have you try out for the guild! We raid two nights a week Tues/Thurs 8-30PM - 1130PM EST and do M+ on off nights send a message to us if you are interested. Tipsy#9309 (discord), OurRegent#1480 (battlenet).