Found Guild Thanks!

Returning player looking for guild to raid and do M+ in SL. I quit when WoD came out. I’m looking for a guild that plans to push keys and work progression into Mythic raiding.

I use to raid Heroic before Mythic raiding was added for Siege. I didn’t play to hard for Panda Land. I don’t have much to show on this character with today’s raids as I just hit 120 about a week ago but the gear I have right now is what i’ve earned pushing mostly solo.

I’d love a chance to prove my skill and find the right fit guild.

I am currently on Area 52 but if the right guild stands out I’m willing to move even faction change.

I have found my guild thanks everyone!

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How’s it going mate! If swapping to emerald Dream-alliance is a possibility, our guild junction would love to have you! We are 2/12M looking to tackle some more mythic nyalotha before prepatch hits and then progress in SL! While we arent CE, that is something we are looking to achieve once Shadowlands hits! I understand you just hit 120 but we are looking for mythic minded players who want to push in Shadowlands!
There’s plenty to do in our guild, whether it’s pvp, mythic + (15-20’s keys daily), raids, transmog runs, or just socialize! I’ll post the guild info below and feel free to message me!

About Junction:

We are rebuilding the guild with a group of friends both old and new! We are looking for players with the drive and the passion to push themselves to be the best.

What you can expect from us as a guild:

  • A sense of community and direction!
  • Communication!
  • Strong & passionate leadership!
  • Overall friendly environment suited for all skill levels!

Currently, the guild is 2/12M AOTC. We are looking for more members that would like to venture into mythic raiding once Shadowlands hits! More specifically, we’re looking for the following;

  • any DPS
    While we’re happy to accept anyone, these are the roles we need specifically for our raid team at the moment. Current raid times are Tuesday/Thursday 9p-12a EST

We also do the following:

  • PvP (BGs and Arenas)
  • Mythic+ Pushing (+16’s and higher)
  • Achievement Runs
  • Old Raid Transmog Runs
  • Alt Levelling

How to apply:
If you would like to apply and have any further inquiries/questions, please reach out to me via BattleTag: Professoroak#1732 or Discord: Elitefourlance#5703

We appreciate your time and interest. Hope to hear from you soon

Hey! I would love to talk with you some more. I will go ahead and post my guilds copypasta that has my discord or bnet info if you want to reach out!
Guild & Server : <OnlyFàns> MoonGuard
Raid Times/Days – Thursday - Friday 8:30 to 11:30 central
Current Progression – 3/12M taking a break till shadowlands
Recruitment Contact – Mantodd#1431 (btag), Mantodd#4427 (discord)

Requirements – 18+ with a strong sense of humor. We are looking for like minded individuals who want to have fun but focus up when it comes raid time. We formed late into BfA and only had a few weeks in mythic Nylotha but are looking to grow into a CE guild. Attitude and willingness to grow as a player and guild are just as important as your current numbers.
Needs – As of right now we are looking for 1 healer (r druid, r shaman preferred but will consider all healers), dps ranged or melee, potentially 1 tank, and potentially a healer.

Hey there! My guild is looking for more DPS and you might be a good fit. We raid Tues/Thurs/Sun from 9pm-12 EST, we get AOTC every tier, run lots of m+, and we’re looking at trying to do mythic in Shadowlands. If this sounds interesting please feel free to reach out to me either on Discord (hypeandmediocrity#1312) or Bnet (PlayerOne#11128)

Hey Shivanie! Are you bored with not dying all the time? Then join Optimal Baddies and find yourself so engrossed in guild chat that you’ll be running off cliffs and pulling 20 mobs at once in no time! Recommended by 4 out of 5 Spirit Healers.

Jokes aside we are a semi hardcore raiding guild looking to clear heroic and mythic.

Raid times are as follows.

Monday - 8PM-10:00PM EST
Tuesday - 8PM-10:00PM EST

If interested please reach out to one of us!
Bnet - Goldfish#1198
Discord - Goldfish#7851

Bnet - Ninjaspace#1577
Discord -ninjaXpope#0788

Bnet - megaFly#11904
Discord - megaFly06#6053

We could use another solid ranged. If our times work for you, hit me up at my contact info in the post below. I also included our spam.

Hello I’m the Guild Leader of Nostalgic(H)Area 52, Maul. We are an AotC focused guild with Mythic progression as a goal to continue to challenge ourselves until the next tier. Our raid times are Wed-Thurs 8:30-11:30pm EST. We have an active roster for key pushing as well. Anymore questions you may contact me @ Rah#1152.

Are you just coming back to the game? Have you been a long-time player but just haven’t found the right guild for you? Maybe looking to re-roll? If you’re interested in helping build a guild from the ground up in preparation for Shadowlands and beyond, please keep reading. This post is for you.

The leadership in Defy has previous experience raiding in a top US guild and knows what it takes to build a solid team. We are not specifically looking for Heroic/Mythic ready players. We are not looking for the best players in the world. We are simply looking for players willing to learn and better themselves for the overall team.

The main goal is to build a core foundation, grow together and to take players with an eager heart and a willingness to learn into Shadowlands. We want to form a lasting group that not only wants to down bosses, but that also wants to have a great time doing it as well.

Who We Are:

• Defy will be a daytime raiding alliance guild on Proudmoore.

• We are looking for people who are interested in raiding and that have the desire to help build a guild from the ground up.

• The guild will be progression oriented with the intent for pushing Mythic raid content in Shadowlands.

• Raid Times – Tuesday/Wednesday 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM CST


All. Now is the time to join and begin building the guild with us!

Overall, we are looking for people from every spectrum of the game. Experienced players burnt out from hardcore progression who want a more casual environment. New/Casual players with an eagerness to learn and who, most importantly, can accept constructive criticism. We are willing to sit down and work with every member on their rotation, talents, gemming, etc. We don’t care how much or how little experience you have. Show us how much you want to raid and how you want to add to our community. That is what we care about.

If this sounds like this is what you are looking for, please contact us!


GM - Bnet - Des#12939

Hey Shivanie,

I am the GM of Déjà Vu, a Horde guild on Thrall. We’re a group of friendly, laid-back players who like to push challenging content.

We currently are 12/12H and 6/12M. We only raid mythic once a week at the moment, but in Shadowlands we are moving to a Tuesday and Saturday progression schedule: 8:30-11:30pm est, both nights.

We prioritize personality over performance in the sense that we’d rather commit time and effort to help work with players we vibe with rather than deal with elitist attitude. We might be a good spot to get your feet wet again in raiding, and maybe make some friends as well.

Outside of raiding, we run m+ basically every night, and recently have started doing some alt leveling/gearing stuff together too.

Reach out if you’d like to meet us or get some more information…and if we are t a fit, then I wish you the best of luck in your search for a new guild!

Bnet: chriv#1186
Discord: chriv#5263

Hello Shivanie: Unbroken Alliance est in 2009 is lfm committed players for raids and mythic plus keys in sl. Currently seeking dps and heals We have two raid grps Tue Wed 730pm to 10pm .Fri and Sat 730pm to 10pm est. We are a casual group seeking like people who want to see the content and down the bosses and have fun doing it. Our motto is real life is more important than game life. You wont be punished if u cant make a raid…its life:D We have raiders from ages 20 to 80. All ages are welcome here. So if u are seeking a no drama guild with lots of perks and want to down content in sl hit us up:D Ureka#1269 or pst me at Urekka-Stormrage or Padock-Stormrage. And as always everyone is welcome here from levels one to 120. Have a great day:D

Hi! I’m the GM of Cupcake Squad (alliance) on Proudmoore. We might be a good fit, if you’re willing to swap to Alliance :slight_smile: Most of us have raided since BC/Vanilla, and now we’re at the point where we love progression, but stick to a less demanding raid schedule. Our guild is more of a family than anything else, and we’re always willing to lend a hand.

Our plan for Shadowlands is to get AoTC early each tier and then progress into Mythic raiding, aiming for CE at a more leisurely pace while still remaining progressive. We also do guild achievement runs each tier, and regular M+'s.

Our progression raids are Tues/Thurs from 8:00 PM until 11:00 PM, and we have fun runs/alt raids on Sundays from 8:00 PM until 11:00 PM

If you have any questions, or would like to get to know us better, please feel free to message my real id: Trini#1551

Good luck in your guild search!

Howdy, if morning raiding is your jam, lemme link my recruitment. Would love to have another hunter going into sl

Hey howdy Shivanie! We are a group of returning Mythic+, Mythic and Heroic level players looking to form a core progression team for the shadowlands expansion and aim for AoTC in the first tier, with plans of mythic raiding down the road. If we sound like a good fit, come check us out! (guild info below):

Who Are We:
[Supremum] is a group of returning world of warcraft veterans who have completed cutting edge, ahead of the curve and multiple keystone master achievements. We are longtime players of the game for almost a decade looking to build a fresh team for the Shadowlands expansion. Our Discord chat is lively with various topics from theorycrafting to topics appropriate for our name. We have pushed progression throughout various expansions and are looking to add more solid and committed raiders and mythic keystone players to our roster to build a community of like-minded players for the upcoming expansion. We are a tight knit group that enjoys poking fun at each other while doing mythic+ and post in discord. Raids are fun and relatively laid back during trash and farm content but very serious and methodical when pushing progression fights.

Raid/M+ Times:
Our current raid times will be on Tuesday and Wednesday from 9pm to 12am EST. We plan to run mythic+ during those times initially for gearing purposes. When we have a core team we will jump into Normal/Heroic and do mythic+ on demand throughout the week.

We will be using Personal Loot. If a player decides they do not want or need the item they will trade it to the officers and it will be put up for a roll. Players will roll 1-100 for Main-Spec and players wanting it for Off-Spec or Transmog will roll 1-1000. The highest roll wins with the main-spec roll taking priority over the Off-Spec roll.

Applicant requirements:

A minimum of 90% attendance is required to stay on the active raid roster.
Logs of your previous raid experience or —, preferably from the most current Tier.
Completion of a weekly Mythic+ of the current gear cap (+5/+10/+15 etc) for maximum gearing opportunities.
A functioning headset with mic. (You may remain silent until it becomes necessary for you to call out over Discord as mechanics require).
We expect players to be comfortable playing multiple class specializations as a raid tier/ demands it. This means if you are a hybrid class, you are expected to have 1 viable tank or healer Off-Spec should the raid require you to perform in that role. If you are a pure dps class we expect you to perform in each spec optimally for any given tier or fight.

Guild Recruitment Needs:
Currently we are in open recruitment for Shadowlands. We are currently looking for players of all class specializations and roles to fill out our roster. If you feel like we are a good fit for you, please contact someone within our guild or via for discussing recruitment further.
If you are interested or have any questions you may message any of the following officers/recruiters or myself:

Triadge: Triadge#1814 ( (Discord)
Gagorn: Gish#11857 ( (Discord)
Utlagatus: M00nyl00ny#117 ( (Discord)

How’s it going Shivanie!

After Nightfall is a new adult late-night raiding guild on the Tichondrius server. Our focus is to clear CE content while keeping to a two day raid schedule with an optional day for either farm content or that last little push for a final kill! We are an experienced group ranging from vanilla to the most current expansion.

We are looking for all classes currently!

Tues/Wed: 9:30pm-12am PST
Sun (optional day): 9:30pm-12am PST

If interested in talking reach out to me on discord: Valvan#12921

Hey Shiv!

Crimson Brotherhood is recruiting ranged DPS for our raid core in shadowlands. We’re also active in Mythic+. We’re looking to get AOTC and Keymaster asap and push into mythic raiding. Check us out.


Well lets chat and see what you can do.

We’re an area 52 CE guild looking for more ranged DPS. If our raid times work, check us out!

We’re a daytime Cutting Edge Mythic guild who previously achieved 12/12M CE on Sargeras (Alliance) and have decided to make the swap to Horde on Area 52 for Shadowlands. We are looking to enhance our roster with skilled and reliable players.

Our group is one of friends, who push each other towards excellence in game while maintaining a healthy sense of humor, open lines of communication, and clear sense of direction. We are a level-headed bunch, hungry for progress. We have a low tolerance for drama and do our best to foster a positive in-game environment.

Swell’s core is composed of veteran raiders. Some of us have been playing together for years, and some of us are new friends. We have a solid foundation for our dream team – we’re searching for a few more to help round us out!

Currently, our main search is for competent ranged DPS. As we move into the tail end of the expansion, we are looking to relax with rekills after earning CE on both Alliance and now Horde side with our newly rebuilt team, and finesse our roster for the upcoming (and exciting) changes in Shadowlands. We normally maintain a 25-30 person roster to flex for boss requirements and schedule changes.

Swell has historically fielded a bunch of key pushers, and we work together to get everyone a key completed every week, and we have interest in rated BGs, world PvP, transmog and achievement runs. Alts, casuals, socials, friends, and families are always welcome!

[H] <Swell> 12/12M (12/12M CE NYA [8/8M CE TEP])
Raid Times: 10AM-1PM EST/Server | Wednesday/Thursday/Friday
Monday/Tuesday are sometimes OPTIONAL flex days early in the tier, but we generally have Heroic sales Tuesday at reset (11am CST) during active raiding seasons.

** Note: We are primarily looking for DPS, but we will consider any exceptional talent. **

wowprogress - /guild/us/area-52/swell
raider io - /guilds/us/area-52/Swell
guildsofwow - /swell APPLY HERE!

Mythic raiding experienced is absolutely required. We have mandatory addons and WeakAuras that we expect all raiders to use. Discord is required, and a working mic is necessary.

We are a guild of dedicated and ambitious players. Commitment to our raid times is mandatory. We’re interested in consistent players who are realistic and honest about their day-to-day schedule. Raiders are required to communicate any tardiness or absences via a Discord channel or through tells with an Officer. Schedules change, things come up and real life always comes first. All we ask for is a heads up!

Trial Period
Two weeks from start date or six consecutive days demonstrating attendance and competent play. Start date begins on the first raid day you are present. Trials are always given a feedback session at the end of their trial period and we encourage you to talk with us during and before this about anything and everything.

What you can expect from us:

  • Dedicated leadership.
  • Effective communication.
  • Well defined goals.
  • A sense of community.
  • Good attitudes.
  • Honest and helpful feedback.
  • Raid materials (Vantus Runes, feasts, cauldrons).

Our Officers are always available to speak with, and we expect our raiders to help us maintain open lines of communication about their needs and concerns.

What we expect from you:

  • 90% Attendance rate, as well as being on time (early).
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Survivability and understanding of mechanics while excelling at your role.
    Many players struggle to do one - we are looking for both.
  • Ability to introspect regarding your play in order to be constantly improving.
  • Willingness to integrate yourself in our community, as you are comfortable.

If we sound like a good fit, let us know! Apply via Guilds of WoW, then reply here, or send us a tell on BNET/Discord. Or you can go old school and send in-game mail to Khavá, Kalanee, or Foxicopter! Thanks for checking us out and we hope to see you in gchat soon. :smiley_cat:

:eyes: Battlenet / Discord Contacts :eyes:

Khavá - Ezmaya#1410 / sovereign#6676
Kalanee - Kalanii#1116 / Kalanii#9911