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Immortalis Victoria is a new guild created by multi ce players for the intent of mythic raiding in shadowlands for the morning raider, with a focus on 2-4hr day raiding to make it easy to maintain irl functions while achieving CE.

Raid Times
Wednesday and Thursday 10a-2pm est(7a-11am pst) Mandatory
Truly optional Friday for farm/sale runs.

A fluid approach to raiding, being able to adapt to what the raid needs, and to use your own strengths correctly. The ability to keep calm and dont stress as we progress through mythic and eventually into CE. The best goal we could shoot for is HOF Alliance CE, and that will require the best out of all our raiders.

Currently want a resto shaman/ disc priest and a warlock,as well as more like minded members to flesh out roster. May be updated as needed.

Any good player that feels like we would be a good fit for them.

Contact info- btag Sver#1105 discord svair#2294

TLDR 10am-2pm est Wednesday and Thursday raiding with multi cutting-edge lead lf more to join us going into shadowlands. More casual players welcome as well.

I am looking to play a dps warrior in shadowlands. I’m a mythic raider with a couple of CEs under my belt hit me up at bnet-dosequiss#11123

added btag.

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Bump for disc priest or resto shaman. Ranged dps, locks mages hunters

I sent you a bnet request to chat, hope to hear from you soon. 478 holy paladin and fury warrior. TY.

Bumpers for heals and ranged

still searching

still looking for great players

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