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When posting to the new forums if I reply to one of my own replies I receive “Please wait for other users to participate before replying”. I’m 100% certain this is not a bug but a feature, but I do not like it. I believe your intention is to tamper down on repeat posting to avoid a one sided conversation. However, this will simply silence people who are passionate about an issue and want to bring awareness to a topic or to ensure it is risen to the top for attention of users who do not visit the forums every day.

I implore you to change this new behavior on the forum. I do not believe it is in the best interest of your users. For bugs, especially, often the only way get attention is to be in the top of a forum. If this change is not made it will likely be a detriment and cause more harm than good. I believe if this is truly considered from all sides your team may agree with this point as well. Unfortunately some repeat posting offenders may occur, but to service your customer base properly I feel this change is necessary.

Thank you for your consideration on the topic.


Switch characters? Have an Alt stress your point.

Although, I do see your point as well, if you need space to make more of a statement it could be a bit annoying not to be able to post after yourself.

Truth be told, given the new forum functionality I believe switching to an alt may or may not work, but if it did would be a violation of the function they put in place. As such I am requesting a change rather than finding a way to skirt the system.

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If you want to say more, you can edit your original post. You can even add something to your text to emphasize that you’re editing your original post to add more.

Replying to your own original feels like a cheap and artificial way to pad activity on threads. Bumps are already borderline bad.

And sock-puppeting to achieve the same effect is worse. Again, it may not be against the CoC but it’s pretty universally bad form and if I figure it out I’ll report it.


That’s exactly right! It’s not necessary to double or triple post when there is a perfectly viable function to edit your original post. What I do is make the edit bold, like this:


That way it’s more visible that I added something to the post.

I disagree. The ability to ask for an update for a bug or issue affecting you is important. E.g. I opened a ticket in game and they told me to get the right team I had to open a ticket under the website bug section. The bug is pretty substantial, and yet no one can help me in game and no one is answering me on the forums. So basically, the new forum functionality that you cannot bump your post to the top by replying to your own reply is the ability for them to keep the post trending down if no other users care. Which is fine for non-support related issues, but support related issues should not be treated the same.

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I misspoke earlier. Bumping is not borderline bad.

It is explicitly bad.

From Welcome to the Customer Support Forum!:

They forbid it in the Support sticky, and now they forbid it technically. Problem solved.

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I disagree with that ruling, specifically for support purposes. E.g. I open a ticket in game and the GM says they cannot fix it, we must reach the web support team via forum post, and when I do but they ignore I never receive support. That’s unfair, and should have exceptions.

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Edit your orignial post

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The only advice I can offer is that you pose your argument against the no-bump policy (and its technical enforcement in the forums software) in the General Discussion. In any of the bug reporting fora, a reported issue which works as designed is treated as NOTABUG, so your posting here will not avail you anything.

GD is the place to ask for changes to current policy and design decisions, and you may find support for your ideas, saving you the need to bump your own post.

The Bug Reports Forum (both for the website and the game) are not normally a two way thing. If a topic is posted in them it will be read by the QC team, they normally do not answer a topic unless they need additional information. They spend their time fixing and testing issues, they don’t really have time to communicate and acknowledge every report they get.

Again, if a bug has been reported in the proper forum it will be looked at. That doesn’t meant that it will be fixed right away, or even quickly, but it will be read.

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WTH is this issue? I am encountering it… can’t respond to people in my own thread…

Edit: The work-around (of editing your OP) does not seem to work.

I don’t buy that issues will be looked at if they fall to the bottom of subpages on a bug forum. Hence, you should be able to reply to your own reply.

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I can’t believe people in General are actually okay with this.

I’ve outlined here why this is poor design: Can’t reply to my own topic - Don’t gate, please fix!

This is unintuitive, punishes roleplayers and forum-content creators (if you’re writing a story) and generally impedes communication.

You know what’s really bugged me over the last decade I’ve played wow? The response from GM’s. I’ve had soo many glitches that are obviously nobodies fault except the game. (writing this as I’m not getting credit for kill on a WQ after killing for a third time) I’ve had mythic+'s where the dungeon craps out…(like socketing the eyeballs in the skull and one eyeball glitches) These are times when people put in extreme effort and then lose all progress because the game decides to dump a big one on your progress. You spend time messaging a GM. Wait for a day…or 2…or 3…for a response and the only help ya get is someone saying there is nothing they can do… Welp all my effort is for naught. That is my rant. hopefully admins lets it pass so people can weigh in…perhaps blizz will start to know how we feel… I’m not saying give us all free loot when an issue occurs but do a freaking bonus roll or something. I just killed 80% of a mythic plus after getting a good group together and all we got left is the main boss and soo much time to spare and not even getting the chance to progress because the game glitched…… not our fault…have some compassion…

I believe it’s a poorly thought-out form of micromanagement.

If I want to provide an update to my own post (e.g. “the bug I posted about has been fixed now”, or “here’s some further data”) then editing the original post will vastly decrease the likelihood anyone is going to see the additional information.

On rare occasions people have good reasons to post detailed feedback on issues (e.g. a summary/help topic, or a list of feedback on an issue) that requires them to split the info between two posts. Posters can no longer do that, either.