Can't reply to my own topic - Don't gate, please fix!


I get this error message on some of my threads. I can’t validly participate in my own threads:

Please wait for other users to participate before replying

There is a thread in bug reports but no blues are addressing it: Forums - Please wait for other users to participate before replying

Please don’t ignore the bugs. Please address and fix.

Posters, post here if you are encountering it.

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3

Edit: This is horrible. So as alts, we can bump our own threads, but not as the OP.

What happens if we have a topic that is lost in the noise? And not just silly GD threads, but game-related ones? How is this OK? Who approved this post-gating feature?

It could be a feature to keep people from immediately bumping their own topic.


That’s kind of bogus if you want to reply to multiple posters, don’t you think?

Not to mention, it is a basic feature in 99.9% of forums. Why is Blizzard fixing what ain’t broken and stifling community interaction?


#postgate :pleading_face:

It’s so people don’t constantly bump their threads to the top of the listing. It’s not a bug, it’s an anti spam feature. Most forums have it or something similar. Like how there is a time limit between making posts.


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That is a spam filter so people don’t bump up their own thread. It isn’t a bug it is an intended feature.

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If it gets “lost in the noise” then that simply means people didn’t relate to said topic. Just because you feel something is important to you doesn’t mean it’s an issue for everybody else and thus we’re not suppose to bump threads as doing so you will in turn push others down as well.

Bumping with alts is an unintended consequence for every player’s character having its own individual profile.

Select the text of other posters and click on the “quote” button that appears.

Basic feature? In 99.9% of the forums I’ve seen that you’re able to bump your own post, the moderators dislike you for doing so and a lot of them will ban your account for doing so. Thus, a feature has been created to block bumping.


How is it spam if you have something relevant to say?

Posting “Bump” is spam.

Yes and it boggles my mind it was made this way.

Alacialuun, what about Roleplay? Someone might have put in a great effort to make a neat campaign. But if people miss it simply due to the sheer volume of threads being made, it falls by the wayside. Is this honestly okay with you? You’re gonna sit there and tell me their content was not good enough?

What’s the solution? remaking threads constantly?

What about people who want to write stories and post them episodically for easy reading/formatting?

Frankly, if you don’t see this as an absurd twist on the age-old forum feature of the internet, you don’t post on many forums, or the ones that you do aren’t worth much for quality content.

Edit: Alacialuun, I don’t even know if it alerts you that I am replying to you. What unintuitive user-unfriendly design for 2018.

The alternative is that I quote your entire post, but that makes my post look cluttered. So again, please tell me why this is good or acceptable design. (It’s not).

It did, just doesn’t show in the post as it is directly below mine.

The pitfall in allowing people to keep bumping their own threads to get others to see is that it pushes other people’s threads down so they start bumping their own as well to get others to see and next thing you know you might have a dozen people fighting to have their thread on top.

That’s a matter of opinion. But I have been to a lot of forums for different reasons with different rules and processes for doing things.

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What forums have you been posting on where a majority of posters go on a bumping rampage as you describe? It doesn’t happen often outside of a handful of posters, and even they lose steam, and it certainly never happened in WoW forums beyond the parameters I just described (handful of trolls, spammers, and necromancers).

Talk about a solution to something that literally was not an issue. A bazooka to a fly.

And you haven’t addressed any of my concerns that affect a subgroup of players in this MMORPG.

It gets real fun on tech forums when things go horribly wrong. The tech support people have to play damage control and you’ll always have those people who are impatient and keep bumping their own thread demanding to be addressed first.

Otherwise, you don’t see it happen too often because the moderators shut it down before it gets out of hand and thus you don’t see it too often.

But we’re not tech forums?

It really was an issue because I regularly would report people spam bumping up their own threads and this is a discussion forum anyway, someone who keeps making posts to their own thread isn’t having a discussion.

Create a level 10 forum comment bumping alt.

If all the people want something but a company disagrees, vote with your dollar.

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