Forum Posts Unable to Be Edited After One Year [FIXED]


I posted my RP event ad on November 16, 2018. 🍺 {A} Jac's Boralus Bartending When I went to edit the topic today, the option to do so was gone and I could not access my edit history. My other year-old posts also could not be edited. Relogging/clearing browser cache did not help, it is not that kind of issue or bug.

I sent in a ticket and the GM agreed that this seems like an intentional lock-out mechanism when posts turn one year old. He added, “we don’t have a way to increase that at all.”

Since there is no way to access the text and hidden code within, I have to start over from scratch. I spent months perfecting that post and building an audience. Having to maintain Trust Level 3 plus make a new topic every year is time-consuming. This may be problematic for others’ guild recruitments, ads, and stories in the months to follow. I really want to stay on the forums.

Is there any way this information could be forwarded to Discourse or whoever would be over the lock-out feature? I would appreciate it.

Thank you and much love, CMs and web team!


I would suggest posting this info in the Website Bug Report Forum.


I wonder whether a trust level sub-3 would be allowed to re-save a post which had prior URLs and contents in it.

I don’t think I’d bet on that. :X

Game Masters aren’t entirely privy to how the forums work, unless they have specifically been trained on them, and those are few. The one year lock out is intended and he is correct, it cannot be adjusted on an individual level.

We do add/remove and adjust forum features as part of our use of them. I don’t have any information on if or when the edit timer may be changed, but I can say that it has been brought up for discussion.