Forsaken Hallow's End

Bottom line up front: The Forsaken’s Hallow End celebration, the Forsaken voice line “Victory for Sylvanas” and the Icon of Torment need immediate updates.

The Forsaken’s Hallow End celebration originated from the Kingdom of Lordaeron; the Forsaken has tailored it to signify their break from the Scourge. I don’t rp, but Hallow’s End is really the height of having Forsaken pride as a fan, and it really makes sense for the Forsaken to be the face of this holiday on so many levels. As something I feel that was created to give us pride the event currently misses the mark. The current holiday event breaks the pride, immersion, and rp(if that even still exists), and as many as you know I’m also a Sylvanas fan but I don’t think mixing her with Forsaken pride events should exist. Hence, why I added the Forsaken greeting of “Victory for Sylvanas,” and the Icon of Torment which literally has her face, her bird symbol, and arrows. I’m sure there are more instances of these in game references but those 3 stick out like sore thumbs and completely break immersion.

My suggestion would be to replace Sylvanas with someone like Lydon because he identifies with being an undead citizen of the fallen Kingdom, he has undead camaraderie/pride, and wants to strengthen the Forsaken as a nation. The speech should involve overcoming the Scourge, the Alliance, the Burning Legion and Sylvanas while providing hope for their future.

I think the Icon of Torment should be replaced with a symbol that highlights three of the Forsaken’s major themes, 1. Being an undead citizen of the former Kingdom of Lordaeron 2. Being undead, and 3. The Forsaken Blight. I’m envisioning a zombified Lordaeron symbol made of bone, muscle and sinew with blight dripping from it. If I could draw I would totally post a sample hint hint : )

Lastly, just hit the delete button on the “Victory for Sylvanas” greeting.


All the holidays, except Brewfest, are stuck in the past. There are still dailies to attack Undercity. They aren’t going to change the issues you mentioned if they won’t change everything else. I wish they would.


Victory for Sylvanas!


You’re right some holidays are stuck in the past, but I think a major part of the Hallow’s End celebration is to highlight some Forsaken pride. I think this is more impactful than lets say dropping off a valentines gift to lets say idk Saurfang and bouncing.

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Tbh i’m still waiting for them to change NPC’s in Duskwood from saying Victory for Sylvanas, simply because they are not even Forsaken! They are the followers of Morbent Fel!


I would rank that very low as it isn’t as impactful as Hallow’s End is to the Forsaken and its fans. Although lawls will be given ahahaha.


I wouldnt mind a revamped Hollow’s end where it occurs in Ogrimmar, if only so we can toss those stink bomb on Horde players heads instead of how each year undercity is always empty.

All the action is in the Ruins of Lordaeron, not to mention throwing stink bombs on a mass of rotting people living in a tomb/sewage with Beautiful flowing rivers of toxins is rather redundant. Throwing flowers, bleach and disinfectant would be ideal, but this is coming from the guys that forgot gas masks while invading the Undercity : (

The seal of Lordaeron is Alliance heraldry, so unless the Forsaken are going to join the Alliance you should think of something else.

I also think that you’re treating Hallow’s End as having more lore significance than it really should given that it’s just an excuse to have a Halloween event.

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Lordaeron heraldy is used by the Forsaken and there is nothing you can do about it. Go back to your corner and stay silent.


I think the Forsaken taking a tradition that they celebrated while they were living citizens of Lordaeron and adjusting it to reflect their break away from the Scourge is pretty significant.

And Lordearon’s heraldry was part of the Alliance’s since Vanilla as well.


It was a tradition that Sylvanas co-opted to assist in building her cult of personality. If anything they should STOP celebrating it now.

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Alliance heraldy is the golden lion of Stormwind. Which has always been used as the main use of symbolism for humans ever since vanilla. Lordaeron stopped being relevant for them when it fell back in WC3. Go with the times they say or be left behind.


Erevien so thirsty for the Alliance he even wants to fly its heraldry yet he still won’t just roll Alliance


It was literally our pvp symbol. The fact is living survivors of Lordearon have mostly joined the Alliance. The biggest of them happens to be the current regent of Stormwind.


No one is denying that Sylvanas was using it to her advantage; that is not the point.

The point is the Forsaken took a tradition that they celebrated while they were living citizens of Lordaeron and adjusting it to reflect their break away from the Scourge. The event was pretty lit, but defeat its purpose as it stand.


It doesn’t really bear any resemblance to the tradition though, aside from the presence of a wickerman that’s burned. It’s the Alliance that retains the ceremony as it was traditionally practiced (even though it fell out of favor following the Third War until it was re-introduced by the Gilneans, who presumably don’t have similar baggage with the tradition as mainland humans do since Hallow’s End was apparently around the time the Scourge invasion began)

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“It really doesn’t really bear any resemblance accept when it bears resemblance” sighhhh

You’re inserting something that I could care less about, and decided to counter yourself.

I’m not in the mood to get in the middle of yourself bringing up points and countering them yourself. I wish I could like the counter point Ainhin post without liking the Ainhin who’s trying to squeeze juice from a penny.

Nonetheless I was totally expecting you to join the conversation and point out how many Lordaeron symbols the Alliance have on a pvp map.

Now name 10 characters in the Alliance that were citizens of Lordaeron. Don’t hurt yourself trying to thinking about it : )


I’ll name more than 10.

Halford Wyrmbane
Philia Phintallas
Emma Felstone
Osric Strang
Gryan Stoutmantle
Henry Maleb
Raleigh the Devout
Christoph Faral
Jessica Rogers
Bolvar Fordragon
Taelia Fordragon
Marshal Dughan
Soulare of Andorhal
Highlord Leoric Von Zelding
Weldon Barov
Jorad Mace
The Stormwind City Guard outside the Auction House

I can name even more if I include Lordaeronians that the Forsaken have butchered.

I’d also mention that in BtS, for every Desolate Council member there were 5 Lordaeronians in the Alliance, owing to the fact that each Forsaken participant in The Gathering submitted 5 names.

Some of us like to be thorough and honest in our accounts of the lore because we appreciate the truth, hence why I include information even if it might not help my argument.