Forced Name Change

A few of my characters have been forced to name change, I’m pretty sure someone flagged those names so they could steal them from me my char. The name was Boosh… In What way does Boosh violate the TOS or rules on names?? I feel like someone just reported it so it would get flagged and they could take the name for them selfs.

Were these characters possibly recently moved to a new TBC server due to the retirement of other realms?

If so, then it just means that when they were moved, other characters already on the server had the same name which is resulting in you needing to choose new names.


I just checked and YEP! someone on the Alliance side now has my name Boosh… WTF blizzard how is that right or fair! btw is on Sulfuras TBC

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Yeah, if your characters were moved due to the retirement of other TBC realms being retired and they were moved to Sulfuras where someone might have already had that name, then they get to keep the name and you have to choose new ones unfortunately.

But nobody likely stole any names.


No, I’ve had these characters made on Sulfuras since Classic! the name was reported so they could steal it!

And you’re sure the character on Alliance isn’t actually your character on the same realm right? As in, you didn’t have another character with the same name on another realm who was forced to move to Sulfuras?

I’ve been playing for 15 years… I know if you xfer or changed servers and someone already has the name you have to make a new one. To answer your other question, No I’ve only had one char name Boosh and it was and always has been a horde on Sulfuras.

I’m only asking because of the very recent classic realms that were retired and knowing that a LOT of characters ended up being moved to Sulfuras and requiring name changes as people there already had the same name.

I see Vrak is replying, so hopefully he can shed some light on it for you.

That isn’t how that works, Mucifur. If your name was reported and reviewed and found to have violated policy, yes, your character would be flagged for a rename. You would also receive notification that it was happening.

Specifically, we don’t just change a name because it was reported. It has to be reviewed and found to violate policy.

If you are referring to characters that recently were moved to Sulfuras, you have approximately 21 other realms that all were consolidated into that realm. That means there are bound to be a number of naming conflicts, which will result in all but one character being flagged for a rename, assuming the name wasn’t already taken on Sulfuras.

I don’t see any penalties on the account. Were you aware from the game for a time?


Yeah, that wasn’t the case for me I have multiple toons on Sulfuras that’s the Server I started Classic on.

On this account, Mucifur? I only see three characters that had been on Sulfuras. All level 1. Two originating from Incendius, one from Thalnos.

Two of the names appear to have been renamed by the system but neither of those suggest that their names were Boosh. The one character I can find with the name Boosh appears to have been created on Sulfuras a year ago. Unless I’m mispelling something.


I have more than 3 toons I have a 60 rogue on Sulfuras, so not sure why it’s saying I only have level 1s. I have a 28, 21. 26 and a couple of 1s.

My guess, is because you aren’t posting on the account that has the characters you may be referring to.

I was able to find the second account, which I assume is your main one.

Is the Boosh character that was renamed the Tauren Warrior? If so, wasn’t that on Thalnos? Which was one of the realms that was consolidated into Sulfuras.


I have 11 toons with GREAT names (eg, PAIN, COLD, SAVAGE, WILD, etc.) that were renamed, and possibly moved here to Sargeras from another server. But I don’t have a record of which server my 11 toons were originally on. I can grudgingly accept the idea that Blizzard may have to move some toons to a different/active server, but Blizzard should have notified me by email that 11 of my toons were being moved to a different server. The lack of notification is my main concern here.

You mean the multiple months of notification you had?


I don’t disagree at all to be totally honest. I’ve seen other posts in the TBC/WotLK General forums with similar sentiments. Not everyone comes to the forums, especially on a regular basis to find this sort of info.

That said, there’s not much that can be done now as the process is already done. I recommend making sure to provide your feedback either in-game through the suggestion feature or by posting in the WotLK General forums so that it can be passed along by the Community Managers.


It’s not a “notification” if it’s just posted on a website. That’s an “announcement.”

same thing…


Apparently you don’t know the difference between “push notifications” and “polling for notifications.” I suspect that most people know the difference, so I won’t bother to explain. You can look it up on Youtube or on Google.



Most companies are not going to individually contact every customer to advise of a change.
Bliz release info as website updates, patch notes, forum posts, launcher info etc. When your toons got moved, if the name already existed on the destination server, you lost the name and will have to rename. Is that an inconvenience, sure, but moving players from dead servers to consolidated ones helps more than it hinders.